Missing A Moment

Have you ever paid attention in worship and realized there were moments when you could have praised Jesus? Ok, you’re thinking “all worship is praising Jesus”… But worship often comes in waves. I’m describing what happens in a worship service (not the type of worship as in how we live, our prayer life etc. TheContinue reading “Missing A Moment”

Want Freedom? Then Surrender.

Everyone wants freedom, but not everyone will surrender. I journal everything God tells me. Every once in a while I like to review what He has said for common themes. For a while, everything He spoke to me was about David and Joseph in the Bible. For where I was in that time – asContinue reading “Want Freedom? Then Surrender.”

I’m Dry

I feel like I am in a desert looking for water that doesn’t exist. I can’t bring myself to pray, or to read, or to even listen to music and just meditate. My mind can’t focus on anything long enough to actually complete a task. Instead, it runs 90 miles an hour circling the sameContinue reading “I’m Dry”

What is Audience of One?

Audience of One was begun this past January. Born from (literally) a vision of the Lord during a church service it is now an actual event. To give you a description of what the event is: An intimate prayer service with live worship music to assist in your journey with the Lord. Intimate lighting makesContinue reading “What is Audience of One?”