Live At The Level Of The Cross

As you know (at least if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time) God seems to speak to me in themes… key words or phrases that are on repeat. Lately, the theme is “where you go I go, what you pray I pray”. While this discussion could go many directions, IContinue reading “Live At The Level Of The Cross”

You Went Through It For Someone Else

Throughout being pregnant and now having Kait in my life – I think back to everything I went through with Elijah and I question “why”. Not in a bad way, only, what purpose did God have for everything I went through… Besides my own faith building exercise – I believe we go through things forContinue reading “You Went Through It For Someone Else”

It’s Your Trial. Guilty? or Innocent?

You have gone through the fire. What do I mean by that? I mean you have gone through a trial so testing – you wanted to give up, quit, retreat back, lie, hide, go back to the way things were, anything to get away from the fire that has singed the hair on your armsContinue reading “It’s Your Trial. Guilty? or Innocent?”

My Horrible Morning

I woke up this morning excited to go to work because my sister was visiting with my new niece Ms. Isabella Mae Freeman. (I’ll add a picture further down so you can see how adorable she is!) I had my bags in hand, walked out the front door, clicked the “unlock” button on my keyContinue reading “My Horrible Morning”