And Baby Makes Three

We are excited to announce an addition to the Getchell family. Most already know, but for those who don’t, SURPRISE! lol After going through the trials of Elijah (click the link for what happen) I was not excited when I found out we were pregnant. I’m being honest whether you like it or not. I canContinue reading “And Baby Makes Three”

What is Praise pt. 2 (For teenagers)

What is Praise? According to the dictionary: “to commend, applaud or magnify”. EXAMPLES OF PRAISING: 1. when your pet does a trick 2. When you answer a question right in school EXAMPLES OF VERBAL PRAISING: 1. “Good job!” 2. “Thank you!” 3. “You are so kind.” EXAMPLES OF PRAISING GOD: 1. “Thank you Jesus!” 2.Continue reading “What is Praise pt. 2 (For teenagers)”