Just A Little Reminder

God speaks to me in many ways but one in particular is through nature. When I see a cardinal – it is a reminder for me to either pray or praise. God has been sending me these cardinals for a few years now. Sometimes I will know exactly what I am praying for or praisingContinue reading “Just A Little Reminder”

What is Praise pt. 2 (For teenagers)

What is Praise? According to the dictionary: “to commend, applaud or magnify”. EXAMPLES OF PRAISING: 1. when your pet does a trick 2. When you answer a question right in school EXAMPLES OF VERBAL PRAISING: 1. “Good job!” 2. “Thank you!” 3. “You are so kind.” EXAMPLES OF PRAISING GOD: 1. “Thank you Jesus!” 2.Continue reading “What is Praise pt. 2 (For teenagers)”

“Dreams Visions Prayers and Praise” by: Greg Bowerman

As quickly as the conversation began – it ended. I went home and looked up this book which I fully intend of purchasing. As I read through some excerpts, I ran across a poem entitled the same as the title of the book. While reading through it I thought – “He is doing exactly as God told him to do in this dream…”. Is it a warning to me? Don’t know. Is it a stepping stone on where to go? Don’t know. I do know it’s confirmation for me to listen to my dreams. God speaks to me many times through my dreams… and I must make sure I don’t question them not matter how off the wall they might be. If you have $12 to spare I encourage you to purchase this book. I really think it’s possible this man could have been an angel.