Do You Believe In The Supernatural

Have you ever seen of (or heard of) someone in a rush of adrenaline picking up a car with their bare hands? God‘s power is pretty supernatural! This same idea is applied in our prayer times and our path followed with God. In prayer, God will take you to levels where you have never dreamedContinue reading “Do You Believe In The Supernatural”

You Can’t Get Fat If You Don’t Get Fed

So right about now you are reading this more than likely because the title has caught your attention… and that is ok 🙂 We are to study, pray, seek God and do for others whether that is giving, praying, supporting, etc. You can only go as far as the knowledge you have though… Imagine beingContinue reading “You Can’t Get Fat If You Don’t Get Fed”

My Child, The Deliverer (Part 6 – Final)

Faith isn’t always what it seems. You have heard me say that faith is taking a step at a time without knowing if the next step in the staircase even exists. What you don’t think about is where the steps you take that form the staircase take you. We assume it is taking us straightContinue reading “My Child, The Deliverer (Part 6 – Final)”

Never Get Fed For Free, Always Tip

The most important lesson I ever heard, was never receive from a ministry without giving to them. This includes attending guest churches, conferences, radio stations, TV stations, etc. There are many, many fabulous ministries out there but today I want to share with you a ministry that I have had the opportunity to get toContinue reading “Never Get Fed For Free, Always Tip”