It’s Your Trial. Guilty? or Innocent?

You have gone through the fire. What do I mean by that? I mean you have gone through a trial so testing – you wanted to give up, quit, retreat back, lie, hide, go back to the way things were, anything to get away from the fire that has singed the hair on your armsContinue reading “It’s Your Trial. Guilty? or Innocent?”


There’s Always A Way Out

You feel like no matter which way you turn you are hitting a dead-end. You are continuously hitting a wall of some sort. It’s a clear box because you always think it looks good so you go after it and quickly realize you aren’t going to get very far or you just hit the wallContinue reading “There’s Always A Way Out”


God‘s presence is described in scripture as the color of amber and represented often by fire. Hence, the burning bush in Exodus. He is also represented as judgement by fire like with Elijah in II Kings and again in Isaiah. Hebrews 12:29 says, ” 29For our God is a consuming fire.” The color of amber isContinue reading “Speechless”

I’ll Never Forget You

I’m sitting at my desk looking outside watching the wind blow the leaves off the trees. The bright red, orange and yellow leaves with the occasional green leave turn in mini wind tunnels and then randomly get released and fall to the ground. Thoughts of past situations this year are running through my head andContinue reading “I’ll Never Forget You”