What’s Holding You Back?

What is standing in the way of God moving in your life? Answering your prayers? Hearing from Him? Going further and deeper with Him? Are you someone who is hearing from the Lord but you feel stunted in your growth with Him? If any of these questions suit you (or a million other questions thatContinue reading “What’s Holding You Back?”


And Baby Makes Three

We are excited to announce an addition to the Getchell family. Most already know, but for those who don’t, SURPRISE! lol After going through the trials of Elijah (click the link for what happen) I was not excited when I found out we were pregnant. I’m being honest whether you like it or not. I canContinue reading “And Baby Makes Three”

Chewed Up and Spit Out

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. – 1 Peter 5:8 This verse is no exaggeration as to what the devil does. He lies to you, get’s in your head, spins words around, entices you, makes things you know are wrong seem ok,Continue reading “Chewed Up and Spit Out”

Stop Putting Stipulations on God

If you consider the profoundness of this verse… it’s overwhelming. We could delight ourselves in the Lord in so many ways and yet many choose not to do any of it. We play at “going to church” on Sunday (or any other day of the week we have a service) and think it surpasses God‘sContinue reading “Stop Putting Stipulations on God”