Want to be forgiven? You have to do it first.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a suggestion. Some people will love you. Some people will hate you. Words will lift you up. Words will tear you down. Does it matter what someone else thinks of you if you don’t think highly of yourself? Through the anger, what are you trying to make up for?Continue reading “Want to be forgiven? You have to do it first.”

How Much Does Your Decision Weigh?

How often do you think about the repercussions of your decisions before you make them? Do you consider its ripple effect? Or how it will pertain to your loved ones? You should. One decision (that is a tiny decision to you) could ripple into a decision effecting thousands of people. For the good… or forContinue reading “How Much Does Your Decision Weigh?”

Are You In Your Terrible 2’s?

Let’s face it. When we don’t get our way we cry, whine, throw ourselves on the ground and kick and scream. We sit ourselves by ourselves because we are too angry to talk to anyone else. Our feelings are hurt and if we can’t have it our way – then we don’t want it atContinue reading “Are You In Your Terrible 2’s?”