The End Of Today Makes No Tomorrow

When life is changing and all of a sudden you see a chance for what has been comfortable to you for years become uncomfortable you tend to get nervous. Your heart starts to race, your head is going a million miles an hour because you are uncertain of things to come. How will it affectContinue reading “The End Of Today Makes No Tomorrow”

Coupon Class in Marietta

Written by Emily: We are planning on having another couponing class on March 26th 10-noon. Please make plans to attend!! Even if you don’t think couponing is for you, please come and just listen, it is NOT the couponing you know!! Life’s Hope Baptist Church 3360 Hicks Road Marietta, GA 30060 If you have questionsContinue reading “Coupon Class in Marietta”

Strip Yourself Down

Christina Aguilera has two CD’s out entitled “Stripped” and “Back to the Basics”. Think about these titles… “Stripped” refers to peeling away every layer of who she was at that time in her life and revealing who she really is…  Not what other people perceive her to be or who her PR team made herContinue reading “Strip Yourself Down”

Pray + Say + Do = Faith

I recently took a spiritual gifts test. My top two gifts were “leadership” and “faith”. But what does this mean? Well, after digging I ran across this Everyday Living podcast by Joyce Meyer and fell in love with what she was saying. Even if “faith” isn’t your top spiritual gift or even if you don’tContinue reading “Pray + Say + Do = Faith”