It’s A Girl!

It’s a girl!! I know a lot of people have walked with us through Elijah and this pregnancy. I just want to personally thank you and tell you how appreciated your prayers have been. This pregnancy has been easy, with no sickness, complications or mishaps along the way. As a matter of fact, I feelContinue reading “It’s A Girl!”

Free eBook “Reality: In Faith”

My first official eBook is up and available! A memoir of events that pushed my faith to a level I have never seen before. Choices define who we are whether we like it or not. The best decision is one you have sought the Lord on first. He will always guide you in what isContinue reading “Free eBook “Reality: In Faith””


I love when the Lord introduces a relationship in my life that is genuine, honest and in love with Him. Friendship is important. Honesty is a characteristic in friendship that seems to be dissipating slowly because I don’t see it very often anymore. Relationships are important in general – but especially those closest and mostContinue reading “Married?”

Just A Little Reminder

God speaks to me in many ways but one in particular is through nature. When I see a cardinal – it is a reminder for me to either pray or praise. God has been sending me these cardinals for a few years now. Sometimes I will know exactly what I am praying for or praisingContinue reading “Just A Little Reminder”