He Knows Me So Well

Around a month ago, the Lord spoke to me that I would be in a storm. When I looked around, I would be able to see nothing in every direction ; however, it would be calm. This would mean I was in the eye of the storm. When this moment came, He instructed me to “be still”. Oh, He knows me so well. 😉

For some reason whenever God speaks “storm” I imagine this rough, dark, time that seems like it is impossible to get through. In a hurricane, the eye of the storm is calm. Some have actually said it’s beautiful. There are still clouds all around though. This week, I have come to a place where I can’t see around me. I have hit the eye of a storm. Every aspect of my life seems blurry – and without purpose. Allow me to break it down for you:

Work – working my 8-5 job… but what am I striving towards?
Church – recently, the Lord told me to give up some scheduling that I did for our worship team… how can I help if He had me lay this down?
Hobbies – my current hobby is crossfit but I have had a hurt knee for a few weeks… how can I work towards my goals?
Home – all of a sudden, it feels like I am working two full-time jobs with wife/home duties… how will I ever stay on top of things?
Me – frustrated with myself and some things that aren’t changing… how will things improve when I am giving my best and it’s still not enough?

“Be still, and know that I am God…” – Psalm 46:10

When I would hit this moment in the past, I would work to find SOMETHING to do. My personality type likes to feel accomplished in things (I love short-term projects). It’s kind of like an addiction I guess you could say. I love the feeling of accomplishment; but God knows me so well, He instructed me to be still. He literally gave me instructions because He knew what I would do. This just makes me laugh. I imagine me sitting on His knee with Him talking to me like the dad He is. 🙂

In being still – and listening for what He has to tell me – I have heard:

1. Just serve
2. Rest and enjoy this time

He is giving me a season of rest, I believe, because the season to come is going to fast-paced and busy. He is SUCH a good GOD that He prepares me for what is to come. I have experienced more and more of this foreknowledge the deeper my relationship with Him has grown.

be stillexodus 14 14

He tells us things for a reason, we just have to be willing to listen. I encourage you to do whatever He tells you to do because He has a reason behind it. I am excited for the things to come!! He has given me a snapshot of it and I am siked!!! Dreams really do come true when they are for Him and His Kingdom.

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A Reminder About The Woods

This morning I woke up with the same thing I went to bed with, an overwhelming feeling of being lost. You know how you feel like you have it all figured out… God has spoken over your life, you can see the steps beginning to happen and then BAM! you’re lost again… That’s me. Overwhelmed with a feeling like you are lost in the woods and running to find your way out but can’t. Like the closest person to you is a million miles away. You could scream as loud as you could – and no one would hear you. But as I awoke this morning it was as if a little bird were whispering in my ear… I opened my eyes and had a vision of standing in the middle of the forest. Then immediately following that I saw a map with “A”, “B” and a line going from each. Then I heard “you’re in the middle… you have to be in the middle if you are going from their to there” (meaning point A to point B). Point A and B reference a few things for me right now but in all of it is wilderness. The holy spirit was speaking to me to stand in faith. I am reminded of Moses – I don’t plan on taking 40 years.

scary woods

On my way to work, confirmation! The MC on IBN is talking about “standing”. Standing in faith (which often requires patience) is what we have to do to reach our destination. He threw in a nice reminder of our time not always being God’s time. This of course goes with the theme for my week which is STAND and the waters will roll back.

I’m renewed this morning and standing in faith for the things I have prayed for, the things God has spoken to me and the things yet to come. Just because I don’t see change doesn’t mean it is not happening. It just means God isn’t ready to publicize it yet. Sometimes this is because He is waiting on us to get something right. For the first time I can say I know my own flesh is not in the way of this one and that is such a great place to be in.

Standing. Waiting. And Ready.