Here Puppy Puppy

Who says God doesn’t work in the small things? While walking my furry nephew, Banjo, a little miniature dachshund ran out the front door of a neighbor’s house. The family of five ran across multiple yards, down the street, and back around again to their house chasing this puppy but she never towards the frontContinue reading “Here Puppy Puppy”

How To Hold On

He (God) can’t speak to you if you don’t understand His language. Sure, He could speak in YOUR language but to constantly do so would make your relationship with Him one-sided. Since when do we want a one-sided relationship? We must love on each other through our love languages. We (normally) try to love othersContinue reading “How To Hold On”

Obedience Has A Price

Sometimes in life we have moments where our flesh doesn’t want to do something  — but your mind is smarter than your heart. When a moment like that comes you pray for confirmation and then stop and listen. When you get your answer you have to make sure to follow it. Don’t let your heartContinue reading “Obedience Has A Price”