Cheek to Cheek

Recently, I have been struggling with anger. Towards who, is not the important question here. The important question is what does God tell us to do? How do we react to it? How do we handle it? Our flesh and our spiritual man are two different identities in this equation. Which one do you follow?Continue reading “Cheek to Cheek”

And You Are?

Seems like everyone is “Brother Getchell” or “Sister Collins” when you run into someone and you want to say hey! Seems like everyone is “a brother” or “a sister” if you are close friends with someone. Bottom line is – when you consider someone who is so close to you that you consider them “family”Continue reading “And You Are?”

Dressed? or Naked?

I have a challenge for you today: Everyone has someone they consider an “enemy”. It could be a friend who has done you wrong, a co-worker who stepped over you to gain a promotion, a family member who cut you so deeply you want nothing to do with them anymore… The possibilities are endless. IContinue reading “Dressed? or Naked?”

The person I choose: Shane Getchell

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? Everyone does and everyone has their own way of wanting to feel that appreciation. I love to be physically touched whether it’s a hug or a pat on the back and I love hearing the appreciation. Someone telling me I have done a great job or that what IContinue reading “The person I choose: Shane Getchell”