{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Electrical/Low Voltage Company

My favorite electrician: J & A Electric You need something in your house fixed and you are scared of being taken advantage of… You are worried it’s “electrical” and it could start a fire… Or maybe you want to upgrade your house with some lighting or surround sound, maybe a few flat screen tv’s… FeelContinue reading “{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Electrical/Low Voltage Company”

{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Veternarian

My favorite vet: Dr. Wright at Rockmart Animal Hospital So many times we run across vets (or human doc’s for the matter) who only care about the almighty dollar. Well… not the vet. He works with you, is overly nice, understanding about your situation. Rockmart Animal Hospital is simply the best place I have everContinue reading “{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Veternarian”

{Jades Faves} My Favorite Stylist

My favorite stylist: Brooke Huckaby My favorite stylist is Brooke Huckaby in Dallas, Ga. She resides at Salon 341. What do I like most about her? She’s affordable! She isn’t like these stylists who charge $345 for color, lol. She is amazing at color and cuts. Show her a picture and she can do it.Continue reading “{Jades Faves} My Favorite Stylist”

{My Favorites} Services, Products and More

I think it’s important to share businesses, companies, people, etc when you run across great ones! So periodically, I have decided to share my favorites through this blog. I will be posting my favorite stylist/salon soon along with some other favorites I use like clock work! Word of mouth is the best PR anyone canContinue reading “{My Favorites} Services, Products and More”