I love when the Lord introduces a relationship in my life that is genuine, honest and in love with Him. Friendship is important. Honesty is a characteristic in friendship that seems to be dissipating slowly because I don’t see it very often anymore. Relationships are important in general – but especially those closest and mostContinue reading “Married?”


And You Are?

Seems like everyone is “Brother Getchell” or “Sister Collins” when you run into someone and you want to say hey! Seems like everyone is “a brother” or “a sister” if you are close friends with someone. Bottom line is – when you consider someone who is so close to you that you consider them “family”Continue reading “And You Are?”

How Much Does Your Decision Weigh?

How often do you think about the repercussions of your decisions before you make them? Do you consider its ripple effect? Or how it will pertain to your loved ones? You should. One decision (that is a tiny decision to you) could ripple into a decision effecting thousands of people. For the good… or forContinue reading “How Much Does Your Decision Weigh?”

Friendship Is Bonded

Friendship is one of the truest things I think we can have on earth. The older you get, the more you realize how valuable a true, genuine friendship is worth. It’s even better to know a friendship is blessed by the Lord. In 1 Samuel a verse reads as this:

1 Samuel 20:42
Jonathan said, “Go in peace! The two of us have vowed friendship in God’s name, saying, ‘God will be the bond between me and you, and between my children and your children forever!'”