Don’t Be Stubborn

Half the problem in worship is getting past the thought of what your neighbor will think about you if you raise your hands… or what your friend will think if you audibly tell God you love him and shout His name… If you are willing to overcome your fears – you will sink into aContinue reading “Don’t Be Stubborn”

Sincerely Disappointed

Nothing feels worse to me than when someone lets you down. Of course that subject can span many other details including lieing, cheating, abandonment, and countless others. As people, we try hard to do what we can to gain trust and accountability with others which in turn builds friendships and relationships. I’m dealing with thisContinue reading “Sincerely Disappointed”

Your Bad Day… Is His Best

I randomly received an email today through my YouTube account. I’m always skeptical about opening emails from people I don’t know but I am so glad I opened this one. It was a video of a man named Nick Vujicic. He is a man from Australia who was born without arms and legs. He stillContinue reading “Your Bad Day… Is His Best”

There Is A Time And Place For Everything

When people say “there is a time and a place for everything” – they are right. Even scripture tells us this! Carefully read over this passage of scripture and think about what each word means. You will be surprised what is revealed to you if you open your mind and allow your selfish, know-it-all tendenciesContinue reading “There Is A Time And Place For Everything”