Facing Faith Part 1

I took a plane ride this past week which gave me time to just sit and read. In the course of reading the scriptures listed in my daily devotion, I just kept reading and it opened my eyes to some new theories. The total passage of what I read was Genesis 14-17. Let me summarizeContinue reading “Facing Faith Part 1”


Restoring Vision

In the past week or so, I have been struggling to just want to quit everything. It didn’t matter if it was work, motherhood (being honest here), working out… I just wanted to quit. It felt like this invader of some kind had taken over my mind temporarily because I don’t think like this. IContinue reading “Restoring Vision”

Always A Bigger Picture

I keep a journal. In it, I write everything from things I see in visions, ideas God gives me, prayer time things, dreams, and plans (again given from God). A little over a week ago, I had the biggest revelation I have had in a long time. You see, there have been plenty of timesContinue reading “Always A Bigger Picture”

A Reminder About The Woods

This morning I woke up with the same thing I went to bed with, an overwhelming feeling of being lost. You know how you feel like you have it all figured out… God has spoken over your life, you can see the steps beginning to happen and then BAM! you’re lost again… That’s me. OverwhelmedContinue reading “A Reminder About The Woods”