Chewed Up and Spit Out

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. – 1 Peter 5:8

This verse is no exaggeration as to what the devil does. He lies to you, get’s in your head, spins words around, entices you, makes things you know are wrong seem ok, and pushes you beyond your limitations more times than you can count. It’s awful how many of us fall victim to his deceit. But we do nonetheless. Recently, I fell victim to the enemies tricks and trades. I allowed my mind to get wrapped up into what he was feeding me and because of it almost risked some things closest to me that I love dearly. At the end of last week I was devoured.

At the beginning of this week however, I am regurgitated. Sounds disgusting right? If you think about it – you can be thankful for it. The Lord didn’t allow me to sit in the devil’s stomach – instead He made him spit me up and return me to HIM! Just like Jonah in the belly of the whale and after 3 days he is returned. The Lord loves me enough to fight for me – but I have to willing to put the initial strength up to start. I was so worked up over some things it was causing my blood pressure to rise, I was incredibly angry and full of rage. It takes a lot for me to get to this point. At my peak moment of disgust, the Lord whispered into my ear, “There is no situation too big for me”. That confirmed to me HE would take care of the problems. He also reminded me to “… never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” ” (Romans 12:17-21). How comforting is that… God will take care of those principalities who come against His children (see Ephesians 6:12). Even when we mess up temporarily, He fights for us. I wanted so badly to address the subjects at hand myself and deal with it in my own flesh – but when the Lord speaks I have to listen. I have the best defense ever!

The hardest part is leaving it behind and constantly suppressing it. The enemy is constantly whispering in my ear things to get me stirred up. As people, we want so badly to see things dealt with in “our time” but that is not always God’s timing. Some of you have heard this story before but it’s worth sharing again (there are numerous versions of this story but you will get the point, lol):

There were two men (an assistant pastor and pastor) who were in church leadership together. They were the closest of friends until something happen. The pastor  had done something to the assistant pastor but the assistant pastor didn’t have proof to call him on the carpet. One day, the assistant pastor found proof and called a meeting with the pastor and council. Shortly before the meeting was to be held the Lord spoke to the assistant pastor and told him to throw away the paper and cancel the meeting. Obviously the assistant pastor was upset but listened to what the Lord had told him to do. Two days after the meeting was to take place, the pastor was sent to jail. His “little” skeleton of what he had done to the assistant pastor was just a drop in the bucket to what he went to jail for. Bigger and larger quantities of skeletons came out of the closet when the Lord dealt with the pastor in His own time.

The point? It’s not our responsibility to deal with the “problems” if the Lord says to leave them alone. What we see on a small-scale, the Lord sees on a large-scale. He sees absolutely everything – and when you don’t deal with your issues in the privacy of you and the Lord (especially when HE is trying to get your attention) HE will bring them out in the open. Maybe that will get your attention. I have been on this side this too. It’s a hard road to walk down, but it’s a necessary road to walk down if you want to continue on to what God has for you. You can’t screw up in the past or present and just “ignore” it and expect to walk further down the road to the blessings God has. You have to work through it – you have to face the fire (see TRIAL BY FIRE). (Again, been here too!) But when you deal with it, and make restitution to those you need to, then God pours out His blessings, forgiveness, mercy, grace, love, and every other aspect of His great things to come. Lord willing the other parties show forgiveness as God has shown us forgiveness. However, if they don’t, you have still done what you should and will have peace with yourself for doing so. When I worked through a trial God was pushing me to do so in – and I did it – it took some time for the other party to forgive me, but they did. And it was over! No one is perfect and everyone will make mistakes, we just have to be big enough to allow God to convict us, accept His “spanking” and move on. Joyce Meyer said on her radio program, “When you know who you are in Christ, you will not be condemned because you messed up. Instead, you accept the correction and thank Him for showing you your wrong and making it right.” How profound is that statement!

Don’t succumb to the devil’s lies. No matter which side of the lies you are on – those affected by them, or those acting them out.

My Child, The Deliverer

From the title of this blog… you can guess what I’m referring to. Yep! I’m pregnant. While the acknowledgment of me being graced with a child is fabulous, it’s the story of how this all happen that is miraculous. Everyone is taught in church “to have faith”. We go about our daily lives, repeating in our prayer time the same prayer over and over and believe that convincing ourselves is faith. Boy, do we have things backwards. Faith is not repeating a prayer everyday and then sitting back waiting on God to make it happen. It does take initiative on our part. But it takes much more than you would realize. A true step of faith is when you ask for something and then start making everything in your life lining up with what you have prayed.

So our story begins…

My husband and I have been trying for a child since September of last year. Not one pregnancy test was ever positive.  I had secretly prayed to the Lord asking Him to verify our pregnancy whenever it happen – not a pregnancy test. I wanted to be able to tell me child – “listen to how we found out you were going to be born!” After this prayer, 4 different people told me they had had a dream I was pregnant. Someone also told me I would have to have faith with my pregnancy and for some reason (they didn’t know why) but to read the story of Moses… so I read the story of Moses, lol.

This past weekend we visited The Ramp in Hamilton, AL.  On Friday night, Damon Thompson was talking about deliverers in scripture – and how the enemy goes after them before they are even born… before they have a chance to grow into Men of God…  and then he spoke of Moses. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My child was going to be a deliverer! And the faith I had to have was to endure the trials just like Moses… My child would be like Moses.  How exciting and yet nerve-racking at the same time. I was four days late so we were positive we were pregnant. On the fourth day, we took a test. Negative. I just laid in bed asking God – “why?” (this was Sunday).

The next day, I had left a voice-mail for my doctor telling them my sinuses didn’t feel any better and I had already finished my antibiotics… what else could we do? They called me back before we headed to the gym and told me because I had told them we were trying for a baby, they wanted to do a blood test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant – because if I was I would not be able to receive a second round of antibiotics. I thought it was odd that they were calling me in for a blood test – but I had never done this baby thing before so for all I knew it was standard practice. I had also started bleeding (thinking it was a menstrual cycle) so I thought the blood test was completely pointless. So I hung up the phone and off to the gym we went (this was Monday).

While I was at the gym, I was listening to a podcast by Casey Doss (from The Ramp)- he was speaking on faith. He gave the very definition I spoke of up above. He then gave an example. He said, “there was this couple who was trying to have a baby…” Oh my gosh, I wanted to just lose it right there (I was on a treadmill at the gym! lol) The woman was in prayer and asking God why she was not able to conceive. The Lord asked her, “you haven’t built your nursery. Why haven’t you built your nursery?” The woman replied, “but Lord, I’m not pregnant yet.” God in turn replied, “if you ask for a child and believe it then build a nursery.” Long story short, the woman built her nursery and found out she was pregnant. The minute my husband and I got in the car from the gym, I told him we had to build a nursery.

The next morning (a Tuesday) I went in for my  blood test and went to work.

On Wednesday morning, I received a phone call from my doctor who said, “Mrs. Getchell, there is a good reason for your tummy growing. You are pregnant!” I didn’t know how to react! I was overjoyed because we had been trying for so long, scared  because I knew I was bleeding (and had been for 2 straight days like a full menstrual cycle) and so thankful God has acknowledged our step of faith with preparing a nursery. My doctor referred me to an OBGYN who referred me to the ER. After 5 hours at the ER, two sonograms, and 6 viles of blood the doctor in the ER told me I must be experiencing a miscarriage because there was nothing in the sonogram and my blood level for pregnancy was only 19 – that that was extremely, extremely low. The ER referred me for another blood test in two days to recheck my levels because I told the doctor I didn’t believe him. If the level were to go down he said – it was proof I was miscarrying. If the levels increased, because they were so low, I could possibly have an ectopic pregnancy which they would have to terminate. I came into the room where my husband was waiting for me and I told him the news. We both just sat there with a blank look on our faces. How could this be? Looking back – we never shed a tear even at this point. We just told each other we didn’t believe them.

The longer we thought about it the more we knew the ER had to be wrong. God had spoken to us too many times through others visions, dreams, in prayer, even to ourselves… While praying late Wednesday night – God gave me a vision from Lord of the Rings when they are lighting the torches on the tops of mountains. When one torch was lit – it signaled to light the next one, so on and so on… When it reached the end the others would come for help. I immediately knew this meant prayer partners. Each torch lit, was another person or couple praying with us. It was powerful! At 11:30 at night we began making phone calls and sending text messages. Thursday morning my bleeding had halted – but began again that afternoon. My sister prayed with me and had a vision of God standing up for me while handing her His rod. He spoke, “the woman with the issue of blood”. She looked it up and immediately knew the bleeding was not an issue of the baby, but an issue with my own body. In this same story – God stood up for this woman! How amazing is that! The bleeding halted permanently that afternoon. All of Wednesday night and Thursday we prayed, asked others to pray with us because we were believing these doctors were wrong. Science was wrong.

Friday morning approached and my husband said, “I think you should take another pregnancy test.” I did as he requested and it actually showed up positive! That was proof that MY GOD had shined through and brought my levels up! God had confirmed our pregnancy… not science! We went to the doctor, had the second level of blood drawn and will receive the results tomorrow. But I don’t need them 🙂 And the faith I was told I had to have had brought me through the enemy coming against my child. Just imagine, had we taken the doctors word over the Lords – I could have done something detrimental to my child inflicting a lifetime of pain, agony, and illness lasting a lifetime.

UPDATE: The doctor said a ‘healthy pregnancy’ will double every two days in levels. Example, on Wednesday I was at 19. A healthy pregnancy means I needed to be at least at a 38. My results came back… I was at a 60 on Friday! Thank you Jesus!

“For we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world,  and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” – Ephesians 6:12

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen, were not made of things which are visible” – Hebrews 11:1-2