My Child, The Deliverer (Part 4)

At the end of Part 3, I told you my levels dropped again that Thursday (Sept 8). The conclusive number was 394. Because of my, “I’m sorry but I don’t believe you” comment I was scheduled for more blood work Monday Sept 12 and an ultrasound Thursday Sept 17. The results were no surprise… I dropped again, this time to 357 and the ultrasound showed nothing. Not even a sac. The nurse made a comment to me on the phone that sparked my interest though, she said, “It’s odd because if your levels drop they should drop drastically. You are a very curious patient of ours right now.”

For the 4th time on Sept 17th, the doctor mentioned I had fully miscarried. I still rebuke this statement. She gave a glimmer of “it’s possible you are still too early” but it was evident her belief was with science. After not seeing anything, the doctor sent me to the lab for more blood work and said if the numbers go down again, typically, they have the person give blood once a week until the count is zero. If the numbers go up, typically they will continue to schedule ultrasounds. Either way, I will be telling them to give it at least 4 weeks.

In this time of  trial, growth, joy and love, a serious season of prayer, fasting and faith has taken place and been fulfilled. Now, I feel like the Lord is saying to rest. Rest in His peace, in His words, in His love and His miracles. I thank Him every morning for the blessings He has called to Shane and I. Elijah is a miracle already and will debut himself in 9 months! I claim and declare it (not to mention God has spoken it, lol).

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. Then you will call upon Me, and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear and heed you. Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. -Jeremiah 29:11-13

This will be the last blog regarding Elijah for a little bit unless the Lord tells me otherwise. Keep faith in your heart for whatever nurseries you are building. God makes a way where there is a will for HIS desires. Don’t get your desires and His desires twisted. I have an overwhelming peace. It’s time for God and Elijah to have some alone time without everyone else interfering 🙂

Thank you for the support, prayers and stories. Thank you for sharing how Eli’s testimony has inspired you. And to those I have spoken with – your prayers and stories mean more than the enemy tries to tell you. Don’t give up!!!

Make no mistake, God is to be given all glory and honor through this story. Shane and I are merely surrogate parents for HIS child.

Update: Before I could publish this blog, I obtained an update! Sept 17th (as mentioned above) I had blood drawn. On Friday’s the office closes at noon – and I had completely forgotten to call for my results. A nurse, Ms. Becky whom I adore!, called me at 2:30pm.   She informed me my numbers came up! From 357 to 359. Only 2 points, but they increased!! Her words, “Brittany, you have us completely confused.” I said, “I’m not, haha, it’s God!!” I go this Thursday (Sept 22) for yet more blood giving. This time however, I’m excited to give them some!! hehe

My Child, The Deliverer (Part 3)

Well here we are on the third installment of what is becoming Eli‘s testimony. This child is already speaking to people and doesn’t even know it yet. I have had more people stop me, talk to me, email me, and call me than ever before. People I don’t even know. I received a heart wrenching message last night from a girl I went to high school with. She told me the was diagnosed with something (I can’t remember exactly the term) but it caused her not to be able to have children and she wants one desperately. It broke my heart. This girl was one of the sweetest girls I had met in high school – and to deprive someone of a longing like that just doesn’t seem fair. But our God is still on His throne and can allow her to carry and bare a child. She said she had lost all hope until reading these blogs. Sometimes, when done in the right state of heart, sharing your trials can be life altering to someone else 🙂

Part 1 & Part 2 can be read here.

Part 3 begins with the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. This was a scheduled appointment but ended up being a follow-up appointment as well from the hospital visit 2 days prior. We walked in the office, signed in and waited. It was our turn – we made our way back and I gave a urine specimen as I had for every other visit. (Sorry – but it’s vital to the story, lol) We sat in a room waiting for our nurse/doctor to come in laughing with each other about models sitting on the counter and posters on the walls, making light of yet another appointment where I will have to give blood again. Shane knew I was nervous. The nurse/doctor finally comes in with a perplexed look on her face and begins questioning me on how I found out I was pregnant, why I think I am pregnant, etc… I filled her in on the blood test from my primary care physician. She told us she would need a copy of those. Finally we asked why all the questions… my pregnancy test via urine was negative. (How’s that for trying to burst our bubble!) The nurse/doctor finished the physical exam and sent us to a separate building for blood work.

Oh, the blood work. Giving blood for the 7th time in 3 weeks… so NOT my favorite thing! They drew 10 viles of blood for a prenatal panel and for another quantitative blood test. (This is the number that keeps increasing during pregnancy).  Now we just waited for results.

On Wednesday afternoon around 4:45pm, I called the office to find out the results. They told me I needed to come in tomorrow for some more blood work that my levels didn’t increase like they wanted. Without thinking, I hung up the phone to call my husband and my boss about leaving work early. No specifics were discussed except they would perform a progesterone and thyroid test.

On Thursday, I went to the OB office for my paperwork (which wasn’t ready) and then to the same building to have my blood drawn (for the 8th time! HA) . Except, the lab told me I couldn’t have it done here this time (something regarding it being after 3pm) I had to go to yet a different building. So off I went – not an easy trek in stilettos! ha I signed in and waited what seemed liked eternity. The receptionist called my name and when she saw me said, “Haven’t you already been here once today?” I replied, “No ma’am.” She said, “I swear I saw you.” “Nope!” I said laughing. While in her office I asked her about a diagnosis code on my paperwork. She explained they have to put a diagnosis code to match what blood work is being done. So I asked her what mine was? (I didn’t put two and two together til now) but she said “You can come around and read it, but I’m not speaking it”. As I walked around her desk, her computer screen read “SPONTANEOUS ABORTION”. They were trying to say I was miscarrying. My response? “My Jesus will prevail. I’m not worried about it”. To my shock and awe the receptionist said – “Say it again!” I repeated myself. I was able to share my story thus far – she stood in agreement with me for Elijah.

The woman actually drawing my blood came around the corner to get me and said the exact same thing the receptionist did! “Haven’t you already been here once today?” I replied, “No ma’am” while laughing again. “I know I have seen you” the nurse said. FAVOR! THAT IS FAVOR!!!!! I was able to share my story with her as well and SHE TOO stood in agreement with me for Elijah.

I called Shane as I was leaving and he asked if I had found out my levels from Tuesday (the reason they were bringing me back in on Thursday). He asked me to call – the results? Sunday I was at 656. Tuesday I was at 525. I had dropped 131 points in my blood count. But I still wasn’t worried. To take another physical step of faith, Shane ordered half the nursery (the other half is on back order so we couldn’t order it)

You think this story can’t get better but it’s totally about to blow your mind…

Church began like every other service at 7pm on a Thursday evening. The Spirit was there, moving and dancing, filling people up. I stood on my front row pew with eyes shut and hands raised and heard a message being given in tongues. (See … for reference). When the interpretation came I fell forward sobbing harder than I have ever sobbed. (This is paraphrased because I can’t remember it verbatim).

“I am who I am I am. Remember the things I have spoken to you. My hand will prevail no matter what”.

WOW! God spoke to us! About Elijah. I can’t explain how you know it’s for your except, you literally just know. So did people in our church. Not too long after that a second message was given in tongues! Again for us! The interpretation? (Again paraphrased)

“I am who I am who I am. Do not listen to the test results for I have spoken. It is done!”

Honestly, what more can I say than that? I was told by someone who sees in the spirit realm, God himself stood up on the second message – pointing in anger because of what people (doctors I’m assuming) were saying. We went home in absolute awe of what God had done for us.

We received the results from Thursday’s tests. The nurse told me “your levels have continued to drop and you are currently miscarrying”. I kindly said, “I’m sorry but I don’t believe you.”  God spoke… Do not believe the tests. So we aren’t 🙂 Elijah is coming regardless of what the enemy is trying. He WILL speak to the nations, he WILL grow to a young Samuel and he WILL be a prophet and deliverer for the Lord. God’s nourishing HIS child. Eli is God’s son — not ours.

My Child, The Deliverer (Part 2) – UPDATED!

*This is an update. I spoke of 4 things God said, but only told you three! Scroll to the bottom and read what is in read 🙂 Sorry!

If you haven’t read the first blog related to this, you should stop, click here, read it, then come back. If you are up to date, let me begin.

What a weekend! God spoke four times this weekend regarding our child to be. All the while, satan and his petty handyman were at work attempting to break a faith stronger than any chain you could put on me.

Saturday (August 27) evening we attended a church we hadn’t been to in a while. While their – God spoke, “your child will speak to nations”. How awesome is that?! This blog could end right here and be enough for me! But God had more in store for us to learn. Half way through the service, I started bleeding again. I immediately went forward and asked for prayer. Some dear friends of ours came away from their obligation to pray with us as well as the bishop of the church. As they prayed I knew my child would be okay.  While standing in His glory, God spoke through a person… “your child is going to grow up to be a little Samuel. When he raises his hands as a child, other kids will follow and do the same. That! is how powerful he will be.” Shortly after that, yet another person, says “Go home and name him tonight. Call him by his name each day. DO NOT wait until he is born.” Three messages in one night from God is amazing! (Note, the importance of being obedient when God speaks for you to say something to someone else and the ability to discern it’s truly the Lord speaking).

We went home and I laid down with my feet up. We began looking names, trying to find that perfect one. We settled on calling him Elijah, Eli for short.

Elijah — Meaning: My god is the lord   &   Eli — Meaning: Ascend; to lift up; my God

My bleeding was not stopping but it wasn’t free-flowing either. The next morning, I awoke to bleeding that had stopped. It was only trapsing. Suddenly I was bleeding again, heavier than before and with tissue this time. To the emergency room we went again. After 4 hours this go round in the ER – we had to possibilities to explain the bleeding.

1. I have a small hemorrhage in my uterus.
2. The baby attached to my cervix instead of the wall lining.

Both of these, unfortunately, cannot be diagnosed officially until I further into my pregnancy. So another appointment has been made in 4 weeks and they will do another sonogram and blood test. Even through this ordeal – God deserves the glory. The Bible says to, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials” (James 1:2). It also says ” In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials.” (1 Peter 1:6). So God says consider it joy! That means to be happy you are trialed against. Why? Because it means you are doing something right. If you are not working for the Lord – the devil would be happy – and therefore he wouldn’t have to waste any time on you. Now, do works for the Lord – and all of a sudden the devil has to work hard. Let me tell you… with my GOD and my FAITH in HIM the devil is working OVERTIME!

Thank you for your continued prayer in this time of our lives with Baby Elijah! We have an appointment with our OB on Tuesday August 30th.

UPDATE: The fourth thing spoke was Sunday evening. Being slain in the spirit, He spoke, “You are healed. Remember this day and never forget it.” How could I forget to write that!!! Part 3 is coming today or tomorrow. Look out for this one! Score: God 3 – Science 0!!!

My Child, The Deliverer

From the title of this blog… you can guess what I’m referring to. Yep! I’m pregnant. While the acknowledgment of me being graced with a child is fabulous, it’s the story of how this all happen that is miraculous. Everyone is taught in church “to have faith”. We go about our daily lives, repeating in our prayer time the same prayer over and over and believe that convincing ourselves is faith. Boy, do we have things backwards. Faith is not repeating a prayer everyday and then sitting back waiting on God to make it happen. It does take initiative on our part. But it takes much more than you would realize. A true step of faith is when you ask for something and then start making everything in your life lining up with what you have prayed.

So our story begins…

My husband and I have been trying for a child since September of last year. Not one pregnancy test was ever positive.  I had secretly prayed to the Lord asking Him to verify our pregnancy whenever it happen – not a pregnancy test. I wanted to be able to tell me child – “listen to how we found out you were going to be born!” After this prayer, 4 different people told me they had had a dream I was pregnant. Someone also told me I would have to have faith with my pregnancy and for some reason (they didn’t know why) but to read the story of Moses… so I read the story of Moses, lol.

This past weekend we visited The Ramp in Hamilton, AL.  On Friday night, Damon Thompson was talking about deliverers in scripture – and how the enemy goes after them before they are even born… before they have a chance to grow into Men of God…  and then he spoke of Moses. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My child was going to be a deliverer! And the faith I had to have was to endure the trials just like Moses… My child would be like Moses.  How exciting and yet nerve-racking at the same time. I was four days late so we were positive we were pregnant. On the fourth day, we took a test. Negative. I just laid in bed asking God – “why?” (this was Sunday).

The next day, I had left a voice-mail for my doctor telling them my sinuses didn’t feel any better and I had already finished my antibiotics… what else could we do? They called me back before we headed to the gym and told me because I had told them we were trying for a baby, they wanted to do a blood test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant – because if I was I would not be able to receive a second round of antibiotics. I thought it was odd that they were calling me in for a blood test – but I had never done this baby thing before so for all I knew it was standard practice. I had also started bleeding (thinking it was a menstrual cycle) so I thought the blood test was completely pointless. So I hung up the phone and off to the gym we went (this was Monday).

While I was at the gym, I was listening to a podcast by Casey Doss (from The Ramp)- he was speaking on faith. He gave the very definition I spoke of up above. He then gave an example. He said, “there was this couple who was trying to have a baby…” Oh my gosh, I wanted to just lose it right there (I was on a treadmill at the gym! lol) The woman was in prayer and asking God why she was not able to conceive. The Lord asked her, “you haven’t built your nursery. Why haven’t you built your nursery?” The woman replied, “but Lord, I’m not pregnant yet.” God in turn replied, “if you ask for a child and believe it then build a nursery.” Long story short, the woman built her nursery and found out she was pregnant. The minute my husband and I got in the car from the gym, I told him we had to build a nursery.

The next morning (a Tuesday) I went in for my  blood test and went to work.

On Wednesday morning, I received a phone call from my doctor who said, “Mrs. Getchell, there is a good reason for your tummy growing. You are pregnant!” I didn’t know how to react! I was overjoyed because we had been trying for so long, scared  because I knew I was bleeding (and had been for 2 straight days like a full menstrual cycle) and so thankful God has acknowledged our step of faith with preparing a nursery. My doctor referred me to an OBGYN who referred me to the ER. After 5 hours at the ER, two sonograms, and 6 viles of blood the doctor in the ER told me I must be experiencing a miscarriage because there was nothing in the sonogram and my blood level for pregnancy was only 19 – that that was extremely, extremely low. The ER referred me for another blood test in two days to recheck my levels because I told the doctor I didn’t believe him. If the level were to go down he said – it was proof I was miscarrying. If the levels increased, because they were so low, I could possibly have an ectopic pregnancy which they would have to terminate. I came into the room where my husband was waiting for me and I told him the news. We both just sat there with a blank look on our faces. How could this be? Looking back – we never shed a tear even at this point. We just told each other we didn’t believe them.

The longer we thought about it the more we knew the ER had to be wrong. God had spoken to us too many times through others visions, dreams, in prayer, even to ourselves… While praying late Wednesday night – God gave me a vision from Lord of the Rings when they are lighting the torches on the tops of mountains. When one torch was lit – it signaled to light the next one, so on and so on… When it reached the end the others would come for help. I immediately knew this meant prayer partners. Each torch lit, was another person or couple praying with us. It was powerful! At 11:30 at night we began making phone calls and sending text messages. Thursday morning my bleeding had halted – but began again that afternoon. My sister prayed with me and had a vision of God standing up for me while handing her His rod. He spoke, “the woman with the issue of blood”. She looked it up and immediately knew the bleeding was not an issue of the baby, but an issue with my own body. In this same story – God stood up for this woman! How amazing is that! The bleeding halted permanently that afternoon. All of Wednesday night and Thursday we prayed, asked others to pray with us because we were believing these doctors were wrong. Science was wrong.

Friday morning approached and my husband said, “I think you should take another pregnancy test.” I did as he requested and it actually showed up positive! That was proof that MY GOD had shined through and brought my levels up! God had confirmed our pregnancy… not science! We went to the doctor, had the second level of blood drawn and will receive the results tomorrow. But I don’t need them 🙂 And the faith I was told I had to have had brought me through the enemy coming against my child. Just imagine, had we taken the doctors word over the Lords – I could have done something detrimental to my child inflicting a lifetime of pain, agony, and illness lasting a lifetime.

UPDATE: The doctor said a ‘healthy pregnancy’ will double every two days in levels. Example, on Wednesday I was at 19. A healthy pregnancy means I needed to be at least at a 38. My results came back… I was at a 60 on Friday! Thank you Jesus!

“For we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world,  and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” – Ephesians 6:12

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen, were not made of things which are visible” – Hebrews 11:1-2