When You Are On The Right Path

In our world of Starbucks, Hollister clothes and sports cars, we have moments where everything seems to be against us (because nothing is working right or flowing smoothly) and we have moments of perfection, life is perfect and rolling along nicely. When everything is moving smoothly, fitting together like puzzle pieces, we must be doingContinue reading “When You Are On The Right Path”

When Positive Test Results Trump Negative Test Results

For the last year and half/two years I have been having digestive issues. Stomach issues that started out as a little bloating after having my daughter, (I actually thought for the longest time my uterus just wasn’t contracting back.) The temporary bloating seemed to be worse when I ate food so assumed it was foodContinue reading “When Positive Test Results Trump Negative Test Results”

Facing Faith Part 3

A synopsis of Genesis 15: Genesis 15 – In this chapter, the Lord makes an agreement with Abram. The Lord says to him, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward”. Abram is promised a child from the Lord, a true son of his own blood as his heir. The Lord alsoContinue reading “Facing Faith Part 3”

Facing Faith Part 1

I took a plane ride this past week which gave me time to just sit and read. In the course of reading the scriptures listed in my daily devotion, I just kept reading and it opened my eyes to some new theories. The total passage of what I read was Genesis 14-17. Let me summarizeContinue reading “Facing Faith Part 1”