Though She Be Little, She Is Fierce

Today I had the opportunity to see God move first hand – but it took stepping out of my box to see it. 

I never have a reason to go to the post office. Today I did. I have needed to purchase stamps for about a week now. Through a mixture of forgetting and when I did remember stores not selling them I just never bought any. Today I decided I would just go to the post office. 

After mailing my envelopes I noticed a car with a passenger door open parked next to me. The driver of the car, an older woman, was already heading to the post office door. The passenger, an older man, was paused with his legs hanging out of the car and his feet planted on the ground. In front of him, a walker with a seat. As we walked to the car he apologized for thinking he was in my way. We had small talk as I put Kait in the car. I asked him if he was trying to get up. The driver who had been walking towards the door apparently was watching us because she had not entered the building. She answered, “he has to wait on someone to help him.” It is my assumption she was going to get someone to help him out of the car. The older man looked at me and preceded to tell me about his legs and how they “don’t work well”. I felt a nudge from Holy Spirit. I knew this nudge and it was one that makes my stomach drop every single time. The kind of nudge I used to argue with a Holy Spirit about. 😂

“Would you mind if I prayed with you?” I asked. “Not at all.” He responded. The driver was still watching. We prayed. I prayed boldly and unashamed (and frankly not caring who heard me). The man said thank you and I got in my car. 

To my astonishment, as I began to put my seatbelt on, the man I had just prayed for pulled himself up out of the car and to his own walker. The woman still standing at the entrance to the post office looked stunned. She then looked at me and lipped “thank you”.

Getting out of my box stirred my faith today. It was completely worth it!! Get out of yours. Discover what will happen when you do. 

Excuse Me, While I Straighten My Crown

I feel lost. So many things happening around me. I am in a bubble. God is speaking on so many things and yet I still feel lost. Going through the motions isn’t going to work. Serving just to serve isn’t going to work. Being okay with where life is just isn’t going to work.

I’ve been seeking and asking God, just as His word says to do, and some answers have been surprising. He knows me so well.

My rule of thumb is if I am down, angry, sad, depressed, etc and can pinpoint it then it’s probably something physical. If I can’t pinpoint something then it’s probably spiritual. There are exceptions and this is how God has worked in me in the past. I’m not saying it’s a one size fits all plan.

Oh the importance of keeping prayer journals. That’s where He sent me. So, over the next few days that is where I will be. Rereading 4 years of journals waiting for Holy Spirit to highlight for me what God is leading me to. I’m ready for answers.

This is me in transparency. There is no climax to this story. It’s my walk and my life. It’s my current confession of where I am and what I am going through. Just maybe someone else will reply to this blog and join me and we can walk this together.

Here Puppy Puppy

Who says God doesn’t work in the small things?

While walking my furry nephew, Banjo, a little miniature dachshund ran out the front door of a neighbor’s house. The family of five ran across multiple yards, down the street, and back around again to their house chasing this puppy but she never towards the front door. I asked God to allow the puppy to come back and for the family to catch her. We continued walking down my street towards my house. 

In the next moment, Holy Spirit said to me, “dogs often come to other dogs.”

Kait, Banjo, and myself turned around and began walking to their house. We knelt down at their mailbox and after a few rounds of running around the tree, the little miniature dachshund came up to Banjo. I grabbed the scruff of her neck and the father of the family came and picked her up. 

He is in the small things as well as the big. ☺️ 

The Divine Appointment of Mr. T.

I truly believe in divine appointments in both perspectives: a meeting that seems “by chance” for us to minister to someone else or someone else ministering to us. Within that “chance meeting” we or the other party receive some information they have asked God for.

The importance of listening to God and being obedient to what He is saying is not always for us – but often times for other people. Would you want to miss the blessing for someone else that God wants to use YOU for? I think not. 🙂

clearwater beach pier 60

Before I traveled to Florida, I felt God pressing on my heart to begin a fast.Not anything of an exceptional nature like zero food for 25 days… but what I was not sure of. What I was supposed to be praying for during that fast was unclear. A few days before leaving I received a phone call from someone stating they had a dream and in the dream they were standing with the refrigerator door open. I was standing to the right of the open door. They asked me if I wanted my “normal” for breakfast. I responded no and proceeded to tell them what I desired instead. This dream was confirmation for me on what food I was to give up.

He still did not specify for how long or what the fast was for. There was a situation I knew of that I sort of assumed it was for – and I would do it out of obedience for God but was lost as far it’s total purpose. The day of departure to Florida, I felt the Holy Spirit press on me today was the day to begin the fast. Yesterday morning, two days into vacation, I woke up for a planned trip to Clearwater Beach in Florida. The morning was a normal morning with the exception of waking up at 5am on vacation [haha] but I felt a tug to ask God for favor. There was no motive behind it. Just obedience to what was on my heart.

We arrived an hour later than we had planned but we still received favor with a front row parking spot – right on the beach. We walked an entire 4 feet to hit the sand! I was so grateful because with a 3-year-old I was not looking forward to the long walk with all the crap you have to bring to the beach. (You know what I am referring to, lol.) In that moment, I thought to myself – great! I listened to the pull on my heart and He gave me favor. Simple but I’ll take it, ha. We walked to our place in the sand and set up shop. Kait of course wanted to go check out this “ocean” for the first time that Dory was lost in. (Yes, we have recently watched “Finding Dory”. We were there early enough to sit in shade from the shadow cast on the sand from the lifeguard’s lookout tower. Also there, was a middle-aged man by himself, laying on his side on a blanket in the sand. pier 60

My mother was the first to strike up conversation with him. He had two medical grade knee braces on and was doing core work continuously on his blanket. We shared about our families and discussed our vacation. He shared with us he was a veteran of the US Army – as a paratrooper. Through conversation, but without directly saying anything, it was obvious he was suffering from marital tension and physical pain. (Meanwhile, throughout conversation he paid for an umbrella on the beach for all of us to use since Kait was overheating.)

By the end of our conversation, we asked if we could pray for him and he accepted with open arms. I expected to have to walk to him and prompt it; however, when we said we were leaving, he stood up (wobbly knees and all) and reached out his hands for prayer. I’ve never seen a grown man so vulnerable.

This divine appointment was something not only for Mr. T, but for me. While it was obvious God stirred his faith that day and blessed him with a full healing, it reinstated a spark in me to see God work through me to touch others. This is an appointment that I am always going to be grateful for. It all happen at Pier 60 in Clearwater, Florida at Clearwater Beach.

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