Cause & Effect & Side Effect (2 of 2)

In a previous blog, I wrote about the cause and effect of serious prayer. You can read that here. Now, I want to talk about the side effect. When we focus our time on others, praying for them, their situations, sometimes when those breakthroughs come, we don’t realize we have been touched as well. BeforeContinue reading “Cause & Effect & Side Effect (2 of 2)”

Cause & Effect & Side Effect (1 of 2)

To anyone who tells you prayer is fake and/or ineffective  they are lieing. They have probably never prayed themselves or prayed long enough to see the result. Since (approximately) around October of last year I have diligently and painfully prayed over a situation in my life. At times – being honest and transparent – I didn’tContinue reading “Cause & Effect & Side Effect (1 of 2)”

At Home, On The Couch

Intense. The only word I could think of in a moment I have never experienced before (at least while watching TV). I was watching “Praise the Lord“, a program on TBN, yesterday afternoon. The pastor of my church was a guest on the show and he had told us how different this show was compared toContinue reading “At Home, On The Couch”

What Are You Worth?

When you begin your journey to discovering who you are – what you believe – and what you represent, you are just so excited that you jump on every opportunity to do what you love. Then the excitement turns into an expectation. That expectation eventually turns into disappointment. This happens because the reason you areContinue reading “What Are You Worth?”