No Limits, No Boundaries, I See Increase All Around Me

I went for a walk today on my lunch break. The area I work in is full of trees and greenery so it was actually a beautiful walk. I had my headphones in and as I walked, I looked up and saw this bright vibrant blue sky contrasting with green trees overhanging. The song “NoContinue reading “No Limits, No Boundaries, I See Increase All Around Me”

Walking Blind

It’s strange how we can think we know where we are headed or what we are supposed to do and then BAM! it changes. This is where I am forever thankful for the scripture, “my steps are ordered by The Lord.” (Psalm 37:23). My life recently has felt like a world wind. I’m generally someoneContinue reading “Walking Blind”

When “It” Returns To Haunt You

I wasn’t going to blog this at all; however, I have been reminded countless times in the last week about it so here it is. Ultimately, my saving grace is expressed in this verse:  “I called to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,  and I have been saved from my enemies.” (Psalm 18:3 NIV) MyContinue reading “When “It” Returns To Haunt You”