Everyone Can, But Only Some Will

What does that really mean… the title of this blog I mean? It’s really simple actually. If you want something bad enough, you do what it takes. It doesn’t matter if its a job, your marriage, your weight, you just do it. Now, before the harsh words come screaming at the screen – I getContinue reading “Everyone Can, But Only Some Will”


Sense of Burden

By definition, “burden” means “a load, especially a heavy one”. Tonight, that is exactly what I have on my heart. This overwhelming sense of hopelessness presents itself to me on a platter. Sitting in front of me like dinner on a table as a last meal. What runs through my mind is those who thinkContinue reading “Sense of Burden”

I’m estatic to …

I’m ecstatic to announce my blog was invited to be a main writer on a new women’s ministry website! Please take a moment and browse over the newest women’s ministry website and see what it’s all about. Each woman who was asked to be a part of this has their own “calling” in their sections.Continue reading “I’m estatic to …”