I Hear The Mountains Trembling

This morning I am filled with the HOPE of God in our situations that seem exhausting. It doesn’t matter how big something seems – or looks – a mountain or a mountain range is tiny for God. I mean, c’mon, when you create the earth you can easily get rid of something on the earth. ūüôā The mountains are trembling because they may be standing in front of you temporarily, but they know what is coming! And so does the devil! Let your feet hit the floor this morning with strength, confidence, and a loud BOOM!

It may not happen in YOUR timing or even how YOU think it should look… And you may endure pain and suffering. There’s a list of scripture that explains we may suffer but to count it as joy. Sounds backwards, yes, but in a way it’s the ultimate compliment if you think about it. (How often we need to just change our perspective on things, but that is another blog for another day.) Worship Him today for the miracle that is coming… not the miracle you are asking for. (Did you see what I did there?) Thank Him for the answer to prayer that is coming… not the answer you are still praying for. (See it again?)

Do you believe? You can ask all you want – but we must have faith.

FAITH: The thing hoped for but not yet seen.

It’s not easy. If it were, everyone would do it – and not everyone chooses to experience His miracles. They have no idea what they are missing out on. We can go as deep in God as we want – EVERY DAY – and STILL never experience all of Him. Don’t believe me? Try it!

I have these playing in the background for the day because I love, love, love His glory. #breakingthroughthemountain

Surrendering Is Not A Battle Of The Wills, It’s An Act Of Worship

If 2016 is going to be a year of fulfillment and implementation [of God’s promises], then God must be in full swing. My heart is so full of hope, joy, and excitement, I can hardly contain myself. My heart is also filled with what Holy Spirit is filling it with – my future. In my spirit, I feel the next 11 months are going to be filled with opportunities to travel to specific places and minister, opportunities to lead worship, opportunities to grow in what God has called me to do in leadership, opportunities to step out further than I ever have in faith. I believe the favor I prayed for last year is the pavement I will walk upon this year.

This insight comes after a breakdown with Jesus and me. The Getchell schedule is very busy – and my flesh is very selfish. It doesn’t matter how giving of a person you are, everyone has something they don’t want to give up. I have mine. When you feel like that one thing that is “yours” is being infringed upon, naturally we begin to become defensive [or full of attitude, pride]. I feel like I give a lot of myself to others, to church, to work, to my family. I cannot tell you how many times I have these great ideas that will be accomplished in the evenings when I get home from work [or on a weekend] only they are met with dinner, baths, showers, laundry, rehearsal, prayer time, house cleaning, and prepping for the next day. The things I yearn to complete for myself never quite make it on the list. Then you feel Holy Spirit prompting you to give up yet another part of you. The only part you feel like you have left that is “yours” or “your time”. I fought it. I admit it, I was selfish in that moment [weeks]. Throughout my weeks of being selfish I felt like I wasn’t hearing from God. It was difficult for me to get into His presence. Normally it wasn’t. It was not until I had a conversation with my dear mother that I realized just how selfish I was being. Let me give you a visual… We are sitting at Dunkin Donuts having breakfast with my little girl. By the end of this conversation I am so full of internal frustration water works are happening. You can imagine what others were thinking around me. “Did someone die?” “Oh poor lady…” “She looks nuts!” And all the while, my daughter keeps asking, “mommy, why are you crying?”. How do I explain to a 3-year old that God just gave mommy a 2×4 across the head and I am crying because it hurts and I feel like I let Him down? (Sidenote: The devil is good at disguising things. He wants us to be prideful, manipulative, complainers that only think of ourselves. Do you really want to give him satisfaction?)

We went to church and in the midst of worship I found myself debating and arguing with myself mentally. Thinking about something I needed to do and then convincing myself why I don’t want to. If someone could be in my head watching I would appear to have multiple personalities. Becoming overwhelmed with my own thoughts, I fell to my knees and poured my heart out to God.

I surrendered.

2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit,
and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

After all, it’s not a secret to Him. He knows exactly what I am thinking at all times. I know scripture well enough to know that God wins all the time. I would not allow the devil to win the battle happening in my mind. I overcame my flesh, and told God I would do whatever He wanted me to do, including give up the only thing I had that felt like “me time”.


No sooner did the words come out of my mouth… I mean I am talking seconds… I felt a hand on my lower back. Prayers, in a language only described as angelic, began to pour out of this person’s mouth. My body swelled up with God’s presence – my eyes swelled with tears. The Lord spoke through this person and as I heard each and every word God had for me, I was overcome with more surrender. Surrender I didn’t even know I had in me. By the end of God speaking, all but one question I had asked God within the 21 day fast so far had been¬†answered and accounted for. His last statement to me? “My good and faithful servant.” This single¬†line put me over the top. I’m talking 100%, snotting out of the nose, forehead to the carpet, uncontrollable whaling. The people the chairs in front of me could probably hear me over the music.

I surrendered. God spoke.

Let me say, I don’t apologize for my moment with God. Our moments should never intentionally interrupt someone else’s worship – but sometimes when you are touched… you are just touched. My desire is for everyone I know to find their own, personal, unbridled freedom in worship to our Savior. When you can find your way to that place, there is no turning back. In those moments, you realize [or remember] what Jesus has brought you out of [your past sin] and placed you in [eternal life with Him, never lacking again]. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?!

Jade Getchell Signature


A Year of Fulfillment & Implementation

In 2015, I participated in my very first 21 day fast. I thought about what I wanted to pray about for the year – I wanted favor everywhere I went and in everything I did. Holy Spirit told me how exactly to participate in the fast. I obeyed. The outcome was astonishing; however, looking back a year later the outcome has floored me.


My instructions were different for the 1st day compared to the remainder of the fast. Within 21 days the Lord spoke 20¬†times to me. Yes, I went back and counted in my journal :). Some of the things He said were things I didn’t understand in the moment. Other things were answers to immediate situations (and what I didn’t recognize until later those same answers ended up applying to future situations as well.) I journaled all of it. Every single word.

Of all the things He said to me, one statement overwhelmed me with more emotion than any of the others.

You see, I have always had a secret prayer. When I died, I wanted God to have considered me so full of faith I could be in the “Hall of Faith”. (For those of you who may not know what I am referring to, it’s Hebrews 11.) For years I had secretly desired this and for God to see my faith. I wanted God to consider me faithful. I wanted people to be able to stand and speak at my funeral saying, “If Jade had anything, she had faith.” On the third day of my fast he spoke to me:

“You are my child of faith.”

Uh! Wow. If I hadn’t received anything else through the 21 days, that was worth it. To hear those words – words I¬†had been praying to hear for years. Remember when I said the things He spoke in the current situations were also for future situations? This was one of them. It’s crazy how we think a situation is so helpless or overwhelming but once we are through it – we look back and it is¬†never as big as we had once thought. Then we turn back around and standing in front of us is a mountain larger than the previous one. Little did I know, the situation that had God calling me His child of faith, was more like a mountain range. The big picture was I needed to get from one side of the mountain range to the other. The only way to do it – was go through it. (Read “It’s Your Trial. Guilt? Or Innocent?” and “Breaking Through The Mountain” when you have time.) Like a mountain, going up represent¬†struggles and then coming down represents¬†things seemingly getting better. Oh! There’s another mountain. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The things I discovered while fasting ranged from answers to previous prayers, things I was curious of but never actually asked, direction for the future, and just being loved on by God. How often we really do yearn to be loved on by God whether we admit to it or not. That stands for male and female!

I encourage you to embrace the challenge of the 2016 twenty-one¬†day fast. If you have not already, join in. Once you begin, I bet you go past the “official” end date and finish your own twenty-one¬†day fast. In December, I began asking God what should I pray for the year 2016? He answered: fulfillment, action, and implementation. The promises and dreams He has given me in years past all happen this year. I’m so ready. In the months to come, I will share some of the things God spoke to me within the 2015 year with you. My only intention of doing this is to be as transparent as I can be so you can see God’s power and ability. I want you to see how much God loves us. To do so, I open up my heart and leave it out for strangers to devour if they so choose to do so. I am okay with that – because for every ten that devour my heart, one is helped in the process.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

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Crossfit As Therapy?

I never would have imagined that I – of all people – would be participating in Crossfit. If you know my testimony, then you understand why this statement is true. If you don’t know my testimony, here are a few posts where I have chronicled my struggles:

Those Deep Dark Secrets¬†¬†| ¬†When “It” Returns To Haunt You¬† | ¬†A True Confession

It didn’t matter how many times I faced my struggle, it seemed to find its way back. This is the first time I have started something, had my body make changes, and I actually accept them. Don’t get me wrong, it has not been a perfect road of no complaining, lol, but of acceptance – yes. For the past two years¬†I have committed myself to running 2-3 times a week (totaling 7-11 miles) and toning based exercises/routines such as BodyPump. My goal was to feel and look thin. I didn’t want my thighs to touch because to me it meant I was fat. I hate anything hanging over the sides of my jeans because I feel like my “love handles” are 3x’ larger than they really are. If I looked thin (even without muscle) and I felt thin I was validated in some sick sense.


What started as an exercise to grow my marriage to a new level has turned into a tri-weekly therapy session for my inner most person. After taking Crossfit classes for around 5 weeks now, my body is changing. My inner thighs touch at the top. When this first started happening, I began to cringe. My entire body was beginning to feel “thick”. (Side note – I have always had a muscular body type from dance ¬†and I didn’t want to have it anymore!) I struggled for a few days, even debating if I wanted to keep doing it… could I really handle these changes to my body without losing my sanity? A single comment from my husband changed my entire attitude of whether I would quit or not…

This is the best your body has looked in a long time. Fit is the new sexy.

Well! If my husband was liking my new physique then it was something I was willing to take on. His opinion of me as my lifelong partner is extremely important to me. In marriage we grow and change everyday and I want to make sure I stay “in tune” with him even when it comes to my body. ūüôā

Next came the struggle of food. The workouts were burning lots of calories but I wasn’t replenishing them like I should. I have always had a horrible relationship with food. When I started Crossfit I was at a place with food where I really could care less about eating at all. Food was a necessity to live and I wanted to consume the least amount possible. That meant less to work off. After a conversation with a new friend of mine at this gym, I had a new perspective on eating. She told me after a truth session regarding food, “it’s not about how much you do or don’t take in – it’s about fueling your body for the workout ahead.” I am not sure why this specific sentence made a difference but it did. From that point forward I didn’t quite look at food as an enemy, but instead, a friend.

All-in-all, this 5 week experience has been a positive one. In the last week and half, I have noticed changes in my body that I have NEVER seen in the years of previous working out. I am 32 years old and I am seeing “lines” I have never seen in my life. You read correctly… in 5 weeks I am seeing changes I have never seen in years. It’s encouraging and exciting. While many of the workouts suck, haha, it’s so worth it when you go home and see new lines of definition coming through – even when it’s muscle gain. I feel amazing – like I could take on the world.

I am not someone who intends on working up to lift 250lbs. For now, I am content with the challenge of seeing what I can accomplish, overcoming pieces of me I had thought were finally worked through only to find out they had not been, and seeing a new me my husband is intrigued by – <3. That drives me. At the end of the day, I know what I am called to do for the Lord. It pertains to helping people find freedom and face faith in this temporary life. How in the world can I help people who share my testimony if I still have pieces I need to work through? (I am so amazed how the Lord will prompt us to do one thing and yet it actually “answers” or “corrects” numerous things. I’m so grateful He is an all-knowing GOD and knows exactly what I need, when I need it. I just have to listen.)

I think it’s time to finally close¬†this chapter in my life.