I’m Dry

I feel like I am in a desert looking for water that doesn’t exist. I can’t bring myself to pray, or to read, or to even listen to music and just meditate. My mind can’t focus on anything long enough to actually complete a task. Instead, it runs 90 miles an hour circling the sameContinue reading “I’m Dry”

You Went Through It For Someone Else

Throughout being pregnant and now having Kait in my life – I think back to everything I went through with Elijah and I question “why”. Not in a bad way, only, what purpose did God have for everything I went through… Besides my own faith building exercise – I believe we go through things forContinue reading “You Went Through It For Someone Else”

You Can’t Fail At This

Everyone has things in their lives that are “full” or “empty”. Some people call them “tanks”, some “space”; today I’m going to refer to them as “wells”. Like a water well. A water well is drilled out with time and careful instruction. Great skill is needed to penetrate through rock, gravel, clay and sand. ThisContinue reading “You Can’t Fail At This”