I Will Not Apologize For My Worship

This past Sunday was an explosion of God moving for me personally. Leading “Your Name Is Glorious”, the touch of God on me mixed with His presence in that room pushed me to a place I have never been. Someone happen to live stream the worship service so I decided to go back and watchContinue reading “I Will Not Apologize For My Worship”

Marriage: It’s What You Do Everyday That Matters

I have read many articles and listened to many speakers regarding this subject. A marriage blog titled “3 Things Women Want From Their Husbands” came up in my Facebook feed this morning so I read it. I decided to share their three things but added a fourth one of my own to the mix.  PositivityContinue reading “Marriage: It’s What You Do Everyday That Matters”

Published Author, Expecting Baby, & More

It’s been a while since I have blogged. A lot has happen in the last six months: I am now a published author! You can purchase the book here or here.Jade Getchell is one contributing author in “Wounded Healers.” Twelve women boldly take us deep into the events that led them through the pitfalls and the heartachesContinue reading “Published Author, Expecting Baby, & More”