{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Electrical/Low Voltage Company

My favorite electrician: J & A Electric

You need something in your house fixed and you are scared of being taken advantage of… You are worried it’s “electrical” and it could start a fire… Or maybe you want to upgrade your house with some lighting or surround sound, maybe a few flat screen tv’s… Feel good about yourself and your home with a licensed, experienced electrician. I recommend J and A Electric. I know the work first hand and it’s as professional as it gets without being taken advantage of in price. J & A Electric is owned by Josh Freeman out of Rockmart – but don’t let Rockmart fool you. Josh will travel to Atlanta and other places to make sure you are taken care of. I can vouch first hand for him because he is my  brother – in – law. If you know me well enough, I will never put my name on someone I don’t trust myself. My own husband has worked with him which is another testimony as to how good he really is because Shane won’t place his name on something either without fully believing in the work done.

J & A Electric
(678) 458 – 4605
Licensed. Residential. Commercial.

Here is a sample of the things J & A Electric could do for you:

– Finish a basement
– Install flat screen tv’s and never see the wiring
– Fix outlets
– Find an electrical short
– Hang a light fixture
– Update code in a house
– Install beautiful lighting inside and out
– Install speakers by your deck, in a room or by a pool
– Landscape lighting
– Your own theater room
– And much, much more!

Some ideas of creative lighting!

Free eBook “Reality: In Faith”

My first official eBook is up and available! A memoir of events that pushed my faith to a level I have never seen before. Choices define who we are whether we like it or not. The best decision is one you have sought the Lord on first. He will always guide you in what is best for you – not always what WE think is best for us. That is where obedience and faith comes in… trusting the Lord knows what is best for you, your family, your job and every other aspect of your life.

Go to www.jadegetchell.com and click on the “Reality: In Faith” image. It will prompt you to  open or save the PDF file. Enjoy!

An example of the image you will click once on http://www.jadegetchell.com

{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Veternarian

My favorite vet: Dr. Wright at Rockmart Animal Hospital

So many times we run across vets (or human doc’s for the matter) who only care about the almighty dollar. Well… not the vet. He works with you, is overly nice, understanding about your situation. Rockmart Animal Hospital is simply the best place I have ever been to. I have tried three other vets before this one and have never been as satisfied as I currently am. With Cassanova having cancer, they have worked with us to make sure he is comfortable in his current condition – but never pushed us to do something we didn’t want to do or we couldn’t afford. They did not play on our emotions to purchase further treatment that was in the thousands of dollars simply because our dog had “cancer”. If you are looking for a new vet or perhaps even if you aren’t… just try them. You will be completely pleased!

Rockmart Animal Hospital
Dr. Wright (my suggestion)
Office: (770)684-7162 Fax: (770) 684-3460

Tell them “Cassanova’s mom” recommended you!

{Jades Faves} My Favorite Stylist

My favorite stylist: Brooke Huckaby

My favorite stylist is Brooke Huckaby in Dallas, Ga. She resides at Salon 341. What do I like most about her? She’s affordable! She isn’t like these stylists who charge $345 for color, lol. She is amazing at color and cuts. Show her a picture and she can do it. Want a certain color? She can mix it. Just amazing 🙂 On top of being phenomenal in her talents she is sweet and kind. Before she ever gets started she likes to discuss with you exactly what you want. She likes to get to know you – your personality – do you like to fix your hair – or do you like something quick to fix – just every “in and out” of your day so you get exactly what you want and how you want it. As a mother herself, she understands a need for time! I believe in her so much, I actually host her on my personal website! Click website and scroll down and see all her information!!




404-514-6261  appt@brookesalon341.com

She has done my hair for years. I will never go anywhere else. If you decide to try her out tell her “Jade” sent you and receive 20% off your first visit! You will not be sorry trying her out. Everyone I have ever sent to her and stuck with her!!! That stands for something!