Everyone Can, But Only Some Will

What does that really mean… the title of this blog I mean? It’s really simple actually. If you want something bad enough, you do what it takes. It doesn’t matter if its a job, your marriage, your weight, you just do it. Now, before the harsh words come screaming at the screen – I getContinue reading “Everyone Can, But Only Some Will”

Dead Bones 1 Year Later

Wow. It’s 5:50am and already God is speaking to me. He never ceases to amaze me and almost makes me laugh at how He speaks to me. In prayer this morning, I was praying for certain people and certain situations that seem hopeless. Things or people who seem like they will never change, that willContinue reading “Dead Bones 1 Year Later”

Tomorrow’s A New Day

I always feel like I’m the only one who asks questions that seem simple in theology – like everyone else around me has it all figured out and I am the only who doesn’t. Prayer is something I just seem to have questions with – and then I get to a point where I feelContinue reading “Tomorrow’s A New Day”