Never Get Fed For Free, Always Tip

The most important lesson I ever heard, was never receive from a ministry without giving to them. This includes attending guest churches, conferences, radio stations, TV stations, etc. There are many, many fabulous ministries out there but today I want to share with you a ministry that I have had the opportunity to get toContinue reading “Never Get Fed For Free, Always Tip”

Your Greatest Secret Weapon

This morning it seemed everything was pushing against me trying to get into prayer time. Everytime I would attempt to get started something happened. But I pushed through… When things seems to be getting in the way keeping you from prayer time, church, responsibilities within Christ‘s ministry for us it’s the enemy. He doesn’t wantContinue reading “Your Greatest Secret Weapon”

My Child, The Deliverer

From the title of this blog… you can guess what I’m referring to. Yep! I’m pregnant. While the acknowledgment of me being graced with a child is fabulous, it’s the story of how this all happen that is miraculous. Everyone is taught in church “to have faith”. We go about our daily lives, repeating inContinue reading “My Child, The Deliverer”

Something’s About To Change

I can just feel it. Sort of like a season where you know summer turns to fall – and you know the leaves change colors from green to yellow, red and orange – but you don’t see this progression quite like that. It’s summer and then all of a sudden you look at the treesContinue reading “Something’s About To Change”