At Home, On The Couch

Intense. The only word I could think of in a moment I have never experienced before (at least while watching TV). I was watching “Praise the Lord“, a program on TBN, yesterday afternoon. The pastor of my church was a guest on the show and he had told us how different this show was compared toContinue reading “At Home, On The Couch”

I Get It Now

I had the pleasure of attending a women’s conference a few weeks ago. When you go to a conference of any sort, generally, you receive some great revelation or experience a once in a lifetime epiphany relevant to a crisis in life or a new idea or maybe even a way to create peace. ButContinue reading “I Get It Now”

Time Is Too Expensive

integrity the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness Do you think a person can have too much integrity? Personally, I do not. By definition, you can’t have too much honesty (although how we speak our honesty is important) and having moral principles is never a bad thing. A light bulbContinue reading “Time Is Too Expensive”

Doing It When You Don’t Want To Do It

Today’s blog is not a long one and not one full of clever lines. It’s one I hate to even write because I am battling my flesh this morning in doing it myself. That’s what this blog is right? My own life (most of the time) open for others to accept or scrutinize at theirContinue reading “Doing It When You Don’t Want To Do It”