Surrendering Is Not A Battle Of The Wills, It’s An Act Of Worship

If 2016 is going to be a year of fulfillment and implementation [of God’s promises], then God must be in full swing. My heart is so full of hope, joy, and excitement, I can hardly contain myself. My heart is also filled with what Holy Spirit is filling it with – my future. In myContinue reading “Surrendering Is Not A Battle Of The Wills, It’s An Act Of Worship”


Explaining God In Tupperware

To me, there is nothing better than when someone comes up with an easy way to understand something complicated. Our triune God, and how we fit into the mix, has not always been the easiest thing for me to really grasp. I mean, really grasp. The concept, I understand, but often times I find peopleContinue reading “Explaining God In Tupperware”

A Year of Fulfillment & Implementation

In 2015, I participated in my very first 21 day fast. I thought about what I wanted to pray about for the year – I wanted favor everywhere I went and in everything I did. Holy Spirit told me how exactly to participate in the fast. I obeyed. The outcome was astonishing; however, looking backContinue reading “A Year of Fulfillment & Implementation”

He Knows Me So Well

Around a month ago, the Lord spoke to me that I would be in a storm. When I looked around, I would be able to see nothing in every direction ; however, it would be calm. This would mean I was in the eye of the storm. When this moment came, He instructed me to “be still”.Continue reading “He Knows Me So Well”