I Will Not Apologize For My Worship

This past Sunday was an explosion of God moving for me personally. Leading “Your Name Is Glorious”, the touch of God on me mixed with His presence in that room pushed me to a place I have never been. Someone happen to live stream the worship service so I decided to go back and watch it.


Um. Wow. I look like a fool. I mean a complete fool like no one can possibly make an excuse for me, kind of fool. Yet in the moment it was so freeing. It was so natural. I didn’t even realize I worshipped like that. I just remember being so in love with God and in that moment I wanted Him to have all of me.

Over the next 24 hours I began to wonder if I should tone it down. No one has asked me to – but perhaps I should contain it a little bit. After all, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone in this day and age. [Enter in complete sarcasm here 😂]

This morning, a friend of mine randomly sent me this video to watch. Man, she nor I had any idea what God was getting ready to say to me. [An example of the importance of doing when God says do]

Watch “The Unfiltered Life” by Stephanie Gretzinger  The only part that was for me is in the very beginning when she speaks of her worship and how she doesn’t want to stay where she is… it’s only going to get crazier  🙌🏻

Oh! And how about the part where she says the congregation isn’t stupid, they can see performance instead of worship  You can’t have performance in the presence. Slam!!!!!

My worship (my way of worship) may be radical for some and over the top for others, it may be misunderstood or interpreted wrongly. Please allow me to explain why I worship the way I do:

1. God gave me forgiveness for every wrong action and choice in my life

2. God brought me out of an unhealthy marriage at the age of 18

3. God brought me through a horrible battle with my body and healed me of all the harmful things I had done to it blessing me with two beautiful children

4. God fathered me through the emotional hurt of a miscarriage

5. God showed me I am of value to Him when I was at my lowest

6. God literally saved me from myself

And every other skeleton in my closet – there are just some things people don’t need to know – He Saved Me. God loved me when I was unlovable to the world. God held me when I was at my lowest and pushed me out of the nest because He knew what I would become for His kingdom.

I worship the way I do because I AM FREE. Break the box of your own worship. When you do something different – you get something different.

So in conclusion, I won’t apologize for the way I worship because my worship comes from a heart of gratefulness to God no one may ever understand.

When you realize what God has brought you out of and where He has you now… you will worship unapologetically too.


4 thoughts on “I Will Not Apologize For My Worship

  1. This touched my spirit, wow!!!and listening to (Stephanie about worship, sent me over the edge. I love your passion for worship. Are you lookng for a mentee!! Lol
    Patricia M

  2. Girl!! I love your worship. If someone calls worship a performance they might need to check themselves because if you’re worshipping, you’re not watching what others are doing. I watch you every Sunday and I’m constantly proud of you. I love to watch you in moments of not leading as you are praying in the background. Moments when you’re giving your all, because THATS WHAT TRUE WORSHIPPERS DO. Don’t let your mind get attacked by what your flesh sees. Love you tremendously. Keep doing you- it’s working.

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