I Fight Where I Am Told, And Win Where I Fight

On my heart tonight is who we are as WARRIORS. Sure, we have identities as moms, children, sisters, and friends. But have you considered your place as a warrior? A soldier, dressed for battle – but do you know the battle plan? Do you know the strategies being used in this war? Could you imagine what war would be like if no one knew what was going on – where it was going on – and how it was going on. Chaos would explode. A good soldier knows what is happening at all times. He/she is also very keen to what is happening around them at all times. Trained to recognize friend and foe, they are ready for anything at all times. Are you? Are you ready for your battle? Do you know God’s plans? Where you are supposed to be? Who the enemy is? Do you know the timeline? Timing is everything after all. Only on His command do we activate these plans – otherwise it’s us working in our own timing. Oh, how often we do this.


Thoughts have come, wave after wave, of this idea of being a warrior… a soldier. Women are often thought of as these fragile, can’t get dirty, figurines that if used too much will break. That’s a lie. Women are tough. Capable. Strong. Full of endurance. Some women will never choose to take on this role perhaps out of fear or selfishness. WE HAVE A PLACE TO BATTLE. It’s not a place to be seen. It’s not a place of great recognition. In fact, it’s more often than not, a place of no recognition. Our battle ground is on our knees going after God’s heart and His desires with all that we are. It’s praying without ceasing – and believing without doubting. It’s telling the devil where he can stick it when he tries to butt in. It’s the place where our lives are changed – our children’s lives are set up – and our marriages are placed back together. It’s the place where miracles happen – checks come in the mail – and job opportunities arise. It’s the place where cancer disappears, the dead are raised, loved ones come to know Jesus, and the impossible is now possible. It’s the place where we can expose ourselves and feel no shame or condemnation. It’s the place where truth meets perfection and guilt is put to death. The unbearable becomes light. The worst fear becomes your the greatest joy.

Break through the mountain. So much of what we look at is based on perspective. A sunset is a sunrise if you flip it. The sun is not setting on your situation – it’s rising. Change your perspective.



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