Though She Be Little, She Is Fierce

Today I had the opportunity to see God move first hand – but it took stepping out of my box to see it. 

I never have a reason to go to the post office. Today I did. I have needed to purchase stamps for about a week now. Through a mixture of forgetting and when I did remember stores not selling them I just never bought any. Today I decided I would just go to the post office. 

After mailing my envelopes I noticed a car with a passenger door open parked next to me. The driver of the car, an older woman, was already heading to the post office door. The passenger, an older man, was paused with his legs hanging out of the car and his feet planted on the ground. In front of him, a walker with a seat. As we walked to the car he apologized for thinking he was in my way. We had small talk as I put Kait in the car. I asked him if he was trying to get up. The driver who had been walking towards the door apparently was watching us because she had not entered the building. She answered, “he has to wait on someone to help him.” It is my assumption she was going to get someone to help him out of the car. The older man looked at me and preceded to tell me about his legs and how they “don’t work well”. I felt a nudge from Holy Spirit. I knew this nudge and it was one that makes my stomach drop every single time. The kind of nudge I used to argue with a Holy Spirit about. 😂

“Would you mind if I prayed with you?” I asked. “Not at all.” He responded. The driver was still watching. We prayed. I prayed boldly and unashamed (and frankly not caring who heard me). The man said thank you and I got in my car. 

To my astonishment, as I began to put my seatbelt on, the man I had just prayed for pulled himself up out of the car and to his own walker. The woman still standing at the entrance to the post office looked stunned. She then looked at me and lipped “thank you”.

Getting out of my box stirred my faith today. It was completely worth it!! Get out of yours. Discover what will happen when you do. 


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