Excuse Me, While I Straighten My Crown

I feel lost. So many things happening around me. I am in a bubble. God is speaking on so many things and yet I still feel lost. Going through the motions isn’t going to work. Serving just to serve isn’t going to work. Being okay with where life is just isn’t going to work.

I’ve been seeking and asking God, just as His word says to do, and some answers have been surprising. He knows me so well.

My rule of thumb is if I am down, angry, sad, depressed, etc and can pinpoint it then it’s probably something physical. If I can’t pinpoint something then it’s probably spiritual. There are exceptions and this is how God has worked in me in the past. I’m not saying it’s a one size fits all plan.

Oh the importance of keeping prayer journals. That’s where He sent me. So, over the next few days that is where I will be. Rereading 4 years of journals waiting for Holy Spirit to highlight for me what God is leading me to. I’m ready for answers.

This is me in transparency. There is no climax to this story. It’s my walk and my life. It’s my current confession of where I am and what I am going through. Just maybe someone else will reply to this blog and join me and we can walk this together.


8 thoughts on “Excuse Me, While I Straighten My Crown

  1. Love you Jade. Sharing your boat, but confident that God knows exactly what’s going on and what the plan should be. ❤

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