He’s Looking For The Broken

“He knows what broke your heart. He knows where to find all the pieces.”


God knows when our hearts are broken. Just because someone else broke it doesn’t mean God isn’t mending it, nurturing it, and loving you in all the ways you need to feel loved. When others do not live up to our expectations, He will never let us down. People will always disappoint us (whether intentional or not) because we are human. We should try to always do the best we can but we will mess up. Jesus would not have a reason to have gone through such a horrific sacrifice if we were perfect. The process of getting through the brokenness may hurt and be uncomfortable; however, if we empty ourselves to God, if we bow before Him sitting in His throne pouring out our hearts as a fragrant offering (much like an alabaster box) He can begin to use us.

He is looking for the broken to begin using in His kingdom. Don’t believe me?

You can’t bind up the brokenhearted, if you have never been brokenhearted. – Isaiah 61:1

He doesn’t want those who go through the motions, but instead those who are broken – Psalm 51:16-17

When we are brokenhearted He is close to us – Psalm 34:18

He gives grace to those who are humble, if we are broken we can’t be prideful – James 4:6

It’s who He is looking for – Isaiah 66:2


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