When God Pours Out

Wow. We serve God with all of our heart, worship Him when things are great, and push through the times when we feel dry… And goodness, was it worth it for me. Today, I am still in amazement of His favor yesterday.

pour out water

I spent my day at a conference behind a trade booth. This conference was dedicated to superintendents of the school systems within the state of Georgia. The day began with me standing at a booth, smiling as people walked by. To the right of my booth, was a booth titled, “The Bible Literacy Project”. In front our booth was “Positive Athlete”. To the left of our booth was a walkway. Some chose to stop and I would tell them about the company I worked for. It was a long day in stilettos, hardly moving except within my trade booth area or the occasional restroom break. While all of the superintendents were in learning sessions, I  made a round to see who else was represented at this conference. I did this on two separate occasions just long enough to work my feet some from going to sleep in 5″ heels.

Immediately, I was fascinated with the booth to our right. What was a Bible project doing at a school conference? They had created a textbook of the Bible (tieing it in with history) and were attempting to have the book implemented into high schools as an elective course. (http://www.bibleliteracy.org/) I have wanted a “textbook type book” of the Bible for months now to study with. Around halfway through the day, this woman and I were talking and she gave me a textbook! Prayers answered. 

While the superintendents and school board members were making their rounds to the booths, I thought I recognized someone walking across the room. In fact, I did! She came up to me with a huge hug around my neck. Little did I know, she had been a school board member of a local county for 6+years now. She introduced me to the county’s superintendent. Verbally, they agreed to come to lunch with me (in reference to the company I work for. God provided a divine appointment! (I was originally scheduled to go to an Alabama conference, but, was swapped to the Georgia conference last-minute.)

A booth further down my same aisle was called “Street Grace”. They were there to bring awareness to sex trafficking. She gave me an alarming statistic – that 91% of children victim to sex trafficking are enrolled in the public school system. Unbelievable. We began talking about Street Grace, which lead to God, which lead to Project Genesis. The woman I was speaking with asked if she could pray with me in the middle of this conference (with others walking around, talk about unashamed faith!). Of course I replied, Yes! She prayed for PG and myself personally. (http://www.streetgrace.org/)Covered in prayer from another divine appointment and a company willing to participate in the 2nd portion of Project Genesis!

The booth across from us, Positive Athlete, is a (directly from their website) group of high character and iconic professional athletes teamed up to promote the benefits of “positivity” to young athletes, and to create a cultural shift in our high schools.  It’s an opportunity to shape the futures of young athletes for life skills beyond athletic competition with websites and social media that tell unique stories about professional and amateur athletes who approach sports and life with a positive attitude. (http://celebratepositive.com/positive-athlete/) Throughout the day, our booths spoke with each other to pass the time. At the end of the day, the owner of the company came in and we began to talk. Long story short, he wants to be a part of PG anyway he can. Huge favor for PG!

On the way home, I was running everything that had happened over and over in my head. Seriously, just in awe of what God had done for me. As I drove home, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “If you keep preparing vessels, God’s favor will pour out.” I immediately thought of the woman in scripture whose children were getting ready to be taken as slaves for a debt she couldn’t pay. The prophet told her to borrow vessels and begin to pour the little bit of oil she had in her house into each of them. They poured and poured, oil supernaturally filling every vessel. When she asked for another vessel and there wasn’t one, the oil stopped flowing. (Read the entire story here) Everything I was doing for God had prepared vessels. Prayer time, devotion time, being obedient, being consecrated to Him, I mean everything. It all adds up to empty vessels and today was the day God came and filled those. I was poured into and overflowing with blessings and a word!

The Holy Spirit also spoke to me a word of warning. I will not divulge this here; however, I received divine wisdom on top of everything else He had provided to me. 

The lesson of this blog – the testimony of this blog – to keep pushing through even when we don’t want to. Every time you spend time with Him, mirror Him in love to others, copy Him in His behavior when no one else would see you, you are creating vessels. Create as many as you can because He will come and fill them. When He does, you want to have as many as possible for Him to fill and for the oil to never stop.

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. – Psalm 62:8

Pour out your hearts to HIM and He will pour out into you.


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