When Positive Test Results Trump Negative Test Results – The Meds Version

If you haven’t already, you can catch up on what I’m talking about here: When Positive Test Results Trump Negative Test Results

I just want to give a testimony of how good God really is! To remedy this, I was prescribed the following:

Neomycin: Take (2) Pills, 3x’s a Day, for 14 Days
Xifaxan: Take (1) Pill, 3x’s a Day, for 14 DaysAlign (OTC Probiotic): (1) Pill, 1x a Day, for Minimum of 3 Months, Preferably At Least 6 Months
(10) Pills A Day For 14 Days (ewe!)

cost-of-prescriptionsYeah, that’s a lot of antibiotics. When we did the math, I am taking in 4500 mg of antibiotics A DAY for 14 days! This must be a seriously, severe infection. But then came the speed bump in this process. I was told these antibiotics were expensive if my insurance didn’t cover them. I figured expensive like $150. My insurance agreed to cover the Neomycin, but not the Xifaxan. It needed a pre-authorization. I told God, I wasn’t worried. He would work it out. My GI spoke with my insurance company and insurance decided they would not cover this prescription. But God showed up in a mighty way – but I didn’t know JUST how mighty until today. I received a phone call from Walgreens. Apparently, my GI called them and worked something out through some sort of discount program. I really don’t know all of the details, but it was such a blessing to not have to pay $150… or so I thought. Here’s the way the math has worked out on cost of these antibiotics:

Original Cost: $116/total
My Cost: $10/total

Original Cost: $30/month
My Cost: $30/month

Original Cost: $1854
My Cost: $30/total

That is the God I serve!! Thank you Jesus for modern-day miracles. To HIM be every bit of the glory! Have faith and it will happen. God always takes care of HIS kids!


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