Life & Legacy

Today has been extremely emotional. I attended the funeral of Bishop David Huskins. The room was filled – standing room only – to celebrate a man’s life and his legacy. Person after person spoke about his character as a person, the millions of people he touched, and the mantle he carried for God. While his physical body was laying in the casket, his presence could definitely be felt in the room. Throughout the service, the Holy Ghost kept dealing with me on a few things that I just couldn’t shake.

A few weeks ago, I had told the Lord in prayer, I needed a word. A strong word. I was at a crossroad and had not the first clue what I was to do. So yes, I pulled the card on God. And did He ever respond. I awoke to a message from someone that said, “I have a word for your if you would give me permission to share.” Well… of course! The message was to start thinking about what sort of legacy I would leave to my children and my children’s children. I have thought about it here and there but really didn’t put anymore thought into it.

Today, the Holy Ghost spoke again… what legacy will I leave? What legacy will Project Genesis leave? This series of questions led me to another series of questions. What am I doing to show Kait how we should be saturated in the presence of Jesus? She is at an age where she mocks and copies everything I do. Why not bring her into prayer time for 5 minutes a day. As smart as she is, over time, she would get it and join in. So this is the goal moving forward. It also allowed me to re-evaluate my own life. Am I truly saturated in Jesus? Yes, I live for Him, I share about Him, I listen to the Christian music and post the inspirational quotes of scripture. But is my heart truly saturated? Today, the Holy Ghost confirmed to me today that I need to take it a bit more seriously. Both personally and with PG, and to never take small beginnings for granted.


Now, this evening I write you from a place of very clear thought.

This man’s ministry began in tents. (tent revivals were a big thing when he started). Another woman I know who has a huge ministry now began with only 7 kids. What they have in common is they put everything they had into those in front of them. They did not give up because things were not happening the way they thought it should or at the speed they preferred. They had faith, listened to what God said and kept going. Then more came… and more came… and more people wanted them to be part of their events. The point here… if we will be faithful with the “little” Jesus will give us “more”.

I influence people who I come in contact with. So do you. Project Genesis is going to change lives. I have no doubt about that. Whether it’s personal or professional, it’s a path we have to have faith with and it is one we have to remain strong to do. Not only will we begin to see changes in others as pursue whatever our legacy will be, but I we will see changes in ourselves as well. It’s impossible to stay the same. Either you move forward, or your backward. But you can never stay still.

God is going to do some amazing things in us as we move throughout these processes. It’s not always going to feel good, but like spanking your child, you do it because you love them. And they learn when their mistakes are brought to their attention. God prunes those He loves because He wants better for us. To be better Christians, mothers, fathers, friends, leaders. He wants us fully consecrated to and for Him. Growing hurts but it’s worth the temporary pain.

 When I feel like Jesus isn’t around, I remind myself of this verse: Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Sometimes we have to be still and silent.

What legacy will you leave?



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