Restoring Vision

In the past week or so, I have been struggling to just want to quit everything. It didn’t matter if it was work, motherhood (being honest here), working out… I just wanted to quit. It felt like this invader of some kind had taken over my mind temporarily because I don’t think like this. I was always raised to try, try again. Never give up. Always give 110% no matter what you do. So why was I fighting this feeling of throwing in the towel?
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The devil and his army is a very real thing. He will creep in without you knowing. This is the importance of making sure you mind is always filled with Godly things. (If your closet is full of clothes, you can’t put more clothes and shoes in it. If it’s empty or half filled then you will be tempted to buy more clothes and shoes!! 🙂 ) Back to being serious, if you have encountered him you know what I am referring to. He has a lot of authority but only as much as we allow him to have. On the way to work this morning, I was listening to the set list my team was singing for Sunday and I began to just pray in the spirit. (I wish I could be on the outside looking sometimes – just to catch a glimpse of what people are seeing. I’m sure it’s quite funny.) The Holy Spirit began to fill me with an urge to pray for fresh revelation, restoration and new energy. I began to see a roster of names to pray for. It was as if movie credits were scrolling. Then – the Lord spoke to me.
“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
WOW. This is why I had felt like I wanted to quit because I had allowed myself to lose sight of HIS vision. Ironically, I had just read through the book of Ruth – Where you go I go? What you say I say? We can’t very well follow and repeat if we aren’t in tune with where He is going and what He is saying. We have to know the vision. Heard of a vision statement? Same thing. What is God’s for your life? Otherwise, we are just flying by the seat of our pants hoping we just happen to follow Him in the right direction or just happen to repeat what He says.
I want to encourage you to stay focused. I don’t find shame or embarrassment in sharing this with you because I am human. You and I struggle alike – different topics probably/possibly – but we still struggle. Men and women both struggle. Young and old both struggle. So I encourage you today, if you have lost sight of The ALMIGHTY’S Vision for your life, find it again. Not sure where to begin? Get in your Bible and just start reading. And pray – ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. You will be surprised when reading how words will just jump out at you or appear as if they are highlighted on a page. Someone may call you randomly and say, “I just had it on my heart to tell you (insert something here).” If you ask sincerely, He will answer.
A project I have been working on seems to be taking a long time. But that is okay. I know that God is going to open up opportunities for this project when it and everyone in it are where HE wants us to be. Recently, I had a situation where some rehearsal space that I thought I was going to be able to use was no longer available. This meant rehearsing in my basement – which is small for 6 adults and music equipment. I was really concerned these people were going to get tired of rehearsing like this and quit. But the Lord reminded me, when we are called BY Him we are sustained BY Him. I don’t worry about that anymore. There are plenty of things out of our hands – our faith will take us through one step at a time. And OH the lives that are going to be saved in whatever God has planned for you and your life. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to start praying for those souls that are going to join the Kingdom of God. When they make that initial, most important decision of their lives, you know the struggle that comes next. The backlash from family and/or friends they will receive. We have the power to pray on behalf of them. We are filled with the power of Jesus Christ and all that He is. Our mouths are one of the most powerful things we have – and I believe without a shadow of a doubt prayer changes things. Please join me in praying for these souls. You are a city on a hill… lighting up the world for Jesus!!!!

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