When You Fall Off, Get Back On


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How many times have we heard it said, if you fall of the horse, you have to get back on. This is for lots of reasons – to keep fear at bay – to face fear head on – to try again and again and again. It doesn’t matter if it’s a diet, not drinking alcohol, an exercise regime, prayer time, not being so OCD, starting college, not giving into temptation, all of them are scary and all of us will fail at at least one of them at one point in time in our lives. What separates the winners from the losers, doing it again. If you have a weak moment, think it through. Why did you give in? A person? A desire? To be popular? Personal gain? If you can pinpoint the WHY then you can figure out the HOW. We can’t figure out how to stop something if we don’t know why we are doing it. Sometimes, it’s a human thing. You want to be popular so you lower your standards to fit into that crowd. Doesn’t get you anywhere down the road, but for now, you are satisfied. Until the next time… And Sometimes, it’s just the devil. He has a funny way of putting things into “perspective” doesn’t he? He makes you think you need to do something, pushes that internal urge until you succumb to it. Then comes the conviction. That feeling in the pit of your stomach where you feel so wretched for what you did. It doesn’t matter how many times you say, “sorry God”, you still feel horrible. Conviction isn’t a bad thing, condemnation however, is. We have to get to a point where we can “get back on” when God forgives us. There is no sense in punishing yourself for something God has already cleared you of. That’s like a judge saying you are innocent of murder, but you throw yourself in jail anyways. Really? Sorry, but that is stupid! haha

So live tomorrow with your lessons learned behind you, and your new faith filled adventures in front of you. Even when we mess up, someone who is truly a child of the Lord, will still be blessed and given favor. I messed up recently. (Sorry, you don’t get the details on this one! 🙂 ) And God still showed me tremendous favor just a few days later. It’s because He knows my heart. Does He know your heart? Or let me ask you a better question… do you know your heart? What you stand for? What you will say no to? How far down will you allow yourself to go before you make that change – and begin living less for you and more for HIM!?!


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