You Could Be Worried For No Reason

Wow… this revelation has even taken me by surprise tonight. I can always tell when God is speaking to me because I seem to get groups (or sometimes as small as two of something – hence echo) of “divine echoes”. By divine echo, I mean hearing things back to back ‘coincidentally’. Recently, I had a series of echoes regarding David bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem – how he messed up the first time causing someone get seriously hurt – and how he attempted it again (correctly this time) and ended up praising God so much that theory has it exposed himself to the world. (Yep – this is the part everyone is going to remember about this blog.) His wife, Michal, then has a conniption about what David has done and explains all he was doing was praising Jesus and would do so again to the point of his OWN humiliation! How many of us can say that we worship to our own point of humiliation? I know I can’t… and that is what has had me so worried!


SO, the entire time I am listening to a podcast that happens to be talking about this all I can focus on is, “oh my goodness… I remember the fight to just lift my hands or to walk around during worship and not just stand in my own place… what in the world is Jesus getting ready to have me do?” I have literally been flipping out internally because I don’t want to go through the same struggle mentally of “what are others thinking of me” “what will they say” “do I really have to be the crazy one”? These are actual questions I ask myself. 🙂

While there is a lesson in all of that by itself, that is not what this blog is intended for tonight. While in prayer, the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation of what God has been speaking to me all this time. I was so focused on my own personal fear that I neglected to see the first part of the message. David was dancing for joy (to the point of humiliation and not caring) because the Ark of the Covenant was back in Jerusalem. God’s anointing was upon the city! While I won’t divulge what this is regarding, the Holy Spirit showed me that something in my life is going to have such a strong anointing on it – I’m not going to care about the type of praise that comes out! Hallelujah! Needless to say, tears flowed and I just sat in awe of this moment.

If we focus on “us” then we just might miss what God intended for us to get/hear/see. Huge lesson for myself in this. And a huge level of excitement for what’s to come.

The story if you would like to read it can be found in 2 Samuel 6 and 1 Chronicles 15.


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