Nothing Is Impossible

Did you realize that some Bible’s are missing a verse? Yeah, this came as a shock to me as well. Everyone knows the verse, “He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” This is Matthew 17:20 in the NIV. This is the version of the Bible I have always read so you can imagine my astonishment when I found a missing Bible verse! I have begun reading Jentzen Franklin’s book of fasting. In it, he talks about Matthew 17:21… that for some reason is not translated to all versions of the Bible.


For years now, I have stood on the “have faith” and the “mountain will move” and that “nothing is impossible”. My faith was kicked up a level after miscarrying and becoming pregnant with Kaitlyn and the surround details of all of that. (For more on this story search “My Child, The Deliverer”) But always wondered why some things just weren’t happening. Of course, there’s always the “it may just not be the Lord’s will” thing but at the same time, what if it’s because I was missing something. Sure enough – apparently I was. Matthew 17:21 adds this, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” (KJV). Well how about that! 

What caught my attention with this verse was for the last month, LITERALLY, the words “Nothing is impossible” is what the Holy Ghost has been speaking to me. I mean every time I turn around it’s what is being preached on, what someone is speaking to me, what my prayer time is showing and NOW what the word is saying to me. So yes, when I read this everything started making sense! So, I decided to put it to the test.

Here’s where I have to give you some back knowledge, some of which, I’ll be as tactful as I possibly can, lol. For the past year, I have had a digestion issue. Unable to go to the restroom, bloating to where I look 4-5 months pregnant, just a miserable state to be in. Imagine being so backed up, you can’t even pass gas. My stomach area would feel bruised and often I would feel (what can only be described as razor blades) pain across my bellybutton region. I actually at one point thought I had a hernia. I was referred to a GI Specialist and they ordered a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. Tests revealed I had a “floppy colon” (yes the actual term the doc used which translates to a stretched colon) and I was told to find the right mix of laxatives to take on a daily basis. Seriously? This was the expert opinion of a doctor? I called the GI back and they recommended in place of laxatives to take Miralax on a daily basis. That it wasn’t harmful to your intestinal area nor would your body become “hooked” on it. So I began taking it. And it worked as long as I didn’t miss a day and I drank tons of water.

Second item of back knowledge – the canker sore. Trying to wear an old retainer (mouth guard style) while having a new one made, I ground my teeth with my cheek in between. Sounds pleasant, huh? This sore ended up being an inch in length and half an inch in width in the worst place possible – unable to eat and barely able to speak. I had never had one before and this was the most painful, horrible, thing I have ever felt. I think pregnancy was more pleasant than this thing! haha… I had done the research and the pain would last up to 10 days and to be completely healed, up to 3 weeks.

Now for the amazing part… As I said, I decided to put this missing verse to the test. So I decided I was going to fast the next day. I asked God to heal my mouth, that based on HIS WORD, nothing was impossible through prayer and fasting and I was doing both. (This was Tuesday evening). On Wednesday, I was in so much pain Tylenol/Ibuprofen wasn’t helping anymore. I began researching options for this canker sore and ran across some meds that would place a protective covering over them so they could heal. While completing this research, I ran across a page on vitamins and thought to myself, “maybe I could take a vitamin supplement that could help heal the process”. At this point, I didn’t take a daily vitamin. I stopped at Ingles on the way home from work and asked the pharmacist where I could find the canker sore medicine. She shared with me her experience with canker sores, that she gets them all the time, and to use the yellow, name brand, Listerine. When she does this her canker sores are going within days! I thought well, what do I have to lose. (On a side note, this was so painful! lol… Listerine on an open wound in the mouth? Uh.) I also found a women’s vitamin to begin taking and chose a separate B Complex vitamin to start taking. I had read they help with digestion. (Again, what did I have to lose?)

I woke up Thursday morning and the canker sore was still there, a little less painful, but still there. I was so disappointed! My conversation with Jesus went something like, “seriously? Your word says have faith and fast and that nothing is impossible! Why isn’t this gone?” I didn’t get it. It bugged me all of Thursday and Friday.

By that weekend, my canker sore was completely gone. AND I was able to fully digest food without taking any Miralax. You see, Jesus didn’t give me a supernatural healing overnight with the canker sore – but what He did do, was show me solutions to TWO problems, one of which was a long-term issue. Because of my faith and obedience to fast, Jesus answered my cry (and gave me favor) with solutions even if they didn’t come in my preconceived notion of delivery. I am three weeks post this issue and the sore is still gone and I am still “digesting” 100% on my own without the help of laxatives or Miralax. That friends, is how awesome my Jesus is. He is there to supply you with anything and everything you need. It’s just sometimes He is trying to get us to look closer for the answer. Who would have thought, a simple vitamin would have fixed an issue that was  so severe they ran intrusive tests… And the doctors never caught that simple fact. Jesus truly is a miracle maker.

When we are obedient and seeking after Him – He will always show up! The Bible is full of surprises that will make your day!


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