Missing A Moment

Have you ever paid attention in worship and realized there were moments when you could have praised Jesus? Ok, you’re thinking “all worship is praising Jesus”… But worship often comes in waves. I’m describing what happens in a worship service (not the type of worship as in how we live, our prayer life etc. The worship with music, the band and in a congregational setting.) And while it could be for the individual I’m writing this more from a worship leader stand point. Think about a sports event or a concert. Everyone is excited the entire time. There are “waves” of excitement happening when all of a sudden people get louder than they were and they it settles back down. In a worship service recently, I noticed a moment to pause the program and offer up an extra praise to Jesus had passed us by. I’m a huge fan of planning whatever it is I’m doing out – but leaving room for the Holy Spirit to move and make changes as needed. Who am I that I don’t change for the Holy Spirit, right?

But there are other moments where we miss an opportunity to praise Jesus. Maybe it’s with someone we work with. A chance to show HIS love through an action of our own. Perhaps, it’s offering up forgiveness to that one person you just let work your nerves. Maybe it’s sacrificing something of your own and giving it away because that particular item means SO MUCH to you – that giving it away to someone who knows that demonstrates your humility. There are countless opportunities for us to show the love of Jesus.


CHALLENGE: I encourage you today to step out of your box, find one person not in your “circle” and silently do something that shows the love of Jesus. The Bible says, “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. Matthew 6:1”.

You could just save a life today – physically and spiritually.


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