Heaven Coming To Earth

“On earth as it is in heaven” It can be. Heaven can invade our earthly realm you just have to have faith & believe it. When it does, praise Him because its the most amazing thing you will ever experience. His presence is thick, beautiful,  charged with emotion, comforting, and it’s strange sometimes all at once. Its like nothing you have experienced at first but then you become quickly addicted to wanting to be in it every time you can be.

Dont run away from it… run towards it.

I asked God a question this morning. I asked Him how come He seemed so close in church A but not as close in church B? (I promise this next part is true). The YouTube video I had on to pray to started itself over. (What I had chose was 27 minutes long and I had only been praying maybe 10 minutes). The video restarted itself literally seconds after I had asked that question.

When it starts over I hear this: “Let heaven come to earth as it is in heaven.  Come… let heaven come… let heaven come… let heaven come…”

And thats when it struck me. We limit ourselves. If we want heaven on earth we can have it but we have to be open to it. We tend to push away things that do not seem “normal” or that seem over the top or its just “too radical” for us. I have news for you…

Don’t expect the presence of heaven to be ANYTHING like what you have experienced here on earth. You can expect it to be different and radically change your world upside down. It’s worth being a little uncomfortable at first. 🙂



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