Dead Bones 1 Year Later

Wow. It’s 5:50am and already God is speaking to me. He never ceases to amaze me and almost makes me laugh at how He speaks to me. In prayer this morning, I was praying for certain people and certain situations that seem hopeless. Things or people who seem like they will never change, that will always remain stagnant. When I was finished I checked Facebook to see if my daughter’s daycare had responded on if they were open or closed today regarding the arctic weather situation. I had a notification of someone liking a status from EXACTLY a year ago. Literally: January 5, 2013.

And this is what I had written:

I heard a word from the Lord this morning and I just can’t shake it. Dead doesn’t mean bury…. it means rise!!! Your dry bones aren’t dead. (Dry bones being your career, healing, marriage, child, promise, dream etc.) Speak life to them! (Reference book of Ezekiel)

How about that for 5:50 in the morning? I believe in prayer and I believe that God is relentless when it comes to grabbing our hearts and keeping them. So, to those situations you feel is impossible to change? I declare they will rise. For something to be resurrected, it has to die first. For a church congregation to rise to new beginnings and new places… the old part of it has to die. For someone to begin seeking after God and truly walk a new life of faith… they old person has to do die first.

I am rejuvenated in my thoughts this morning. God is chasing after them.



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