Stop. By definition, I’m not sure I know this word. Especially recently. Ever since Thanksgiving it seems like work, home, church, mommy hood and anything personal in between has been going nonstop. Except, all the “personal in between” I never got to. I feel so far behind in things it never seems like I will catch up. The worst though, is feeling behind in things you can’t really catch up on. Take sleep for example…  I’m not sure you can actually catch up on this. Prayer… can’t really catch up on it because there isn’t a limit to reach to begin with. Devotion time… again, there is no stipulation that we have to meet to begin with; therefore, we can’t get behind. I haven’t had prayer time in almost two weeks and I feel “out of the loop”. Odd analogy, I know, but I do. I feel like Jesus and I haven’t been able to sit and have heart-to-hearts and catch up.

When we rush too much, we don’t give things the amount of time we should. We also miss details or moments that could be important. The holidays are busy and the “holiday rush” is all but in your face but it’s important to take time and stop. Turn off everything around you, tell people for the next week, not to bother you. Turn off the TV, the radio, the computer, Facebook and any other social media network. Pull out the old fashion Bible and sit in a quiet room – and allow the Holy Spirit to work on you and in you.

For the next week, I think this is exactly what I need to do. Take some time every night and get by myself with Jesus. Clearing the mind of the crap and renewing it with HIS words and inspiration.




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