Always A Bigger Picture

I keep a journal. In it, I write everything from things I see in visions, ideas God gives me, prayer time things, dreams, and plans (again given from God). A little over a week ago, I had the biggest revelation I have had in a long time. You see, there have been plenty of times when the Holy Spirit has pressed in and said “read Hebrews 11” or “you need to feed HIS sheep” (referenced in 1 Peter). At one point, I was going through a terrible time of arguing with someone and I was told to read I Corinthians (and I quote) “you will find the answer.” So here I am in any of these given situations thinking, “okay! I’m reading, where’s this answer to stop arguing with this person?” Or when I was told to read Hebrews 11 I was getting ready to give birth – petrified of what was to come. Long story short – if I step away from my super close perspective and look at the bigger picture… there’s only a hand full of books in the Bible Jesus ever tells me to reference. Well, the other day I discovered they are books of the bible dealing with FAITH. How do you get through delivering a child and the change that comes with it? FAITH. How do you get through a long time of arguing with someone you love? FAITH. How do you do anything without giving up? FAITH.

One of my spiritual gifts is FAITH. It doesn’t matter how scary things might be at any given place or time in my life… JESUS has always reminded to me to keep having FAITH. That’s the answer.

So look at a bigger picture when the Holy Spirit talks to you. There’s always a “larger” point to His answers.



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