Tomorrow’s A New Day

I always feel like I’m the only one who asks questions that seem simple in theology – like everyone else around me has it all figured out and I am the only who doesn’t. Prayer is something I just seem to have questions with – and then I get to a point where I feel like “well, my questions really don’t matter because the Bible says I should be doing it” and move on away from my questions. But this one question keeps popping up. It’s extremely elementary but it still caused me to question… so what is it?

The question: Why should I pray the same thing or for the same person every single day? Why can’t I pray it – and then move on because God has heard my prayers?

The Holy Spirit spoke so clearly to me the other day. Almost made me ashamed I didn’t think of it on my own! lol… But if anyone knows me, they know I tend to over analyze quite often. If the simple answer is front of me, I probably won’t see it because I will think “surely, it can’t be THAT simple!”…

The answer: “I say to deny yourselves and carry your cross — daily. This means people struggle — daily. So they need your prayers for strength  — daily.”

I told you, the answer was simple. And it makes such great sense. For example: You are trying to quit smoking and you fail, what do you say? “Tomorrow’s a new day.” You’re on a diet and you blow it? You say, “Tomorrow I will do better.”

So consider picking up that list of things you want to change in yourself, or about someone else, or the family member you want to see saved, or the dream that has fallen dead and you want it revived, the job you need, the child you have been praying for but lost faith, the addiction you need broken, the addiction you want broken in your spouse – friend – family member – neighbor…

Start again. Tomorrow’s a new day.



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